Valorant: New gameplay for the shooter of the League of Legends creators – up to date

of Michael Leibner
To mark its tenth anniversary, Riot Games announced that six new titles are under development. So far, the League of Legends developers had only released one game. One of the six games announced is Valorant. The tactical shooter is based on counter-strike. Now a new gameplay trailer for Valorant has been released.

Riot Games has been developing the E-sports title League of Legends. Since they haven't released a new game in ten years, players and developers started to find out about that Plural-S to make fun of in Riot Games. in the came up with Teamfight Tactics last year Another title in the studio's portfolio, justifying the "S" in the name. In October, Riot Games announced six new projects to mark its tenth anniversary. Next to the Card game Legends of Runeterra, a manager game and a mobile version of League of Legends, three unnamed projects were presented. The three projects are an action adventure, a fighting game and a tacticalShooter, The latter recently got an official title. The multiplayer tactical shooter is called Valorant. Today, Riot Games released new game scenes on Valorant's official YouTube channel.

Valorant: Gameplay trailer shows scenes from the shooter

At the beginning of the video it is pointed out that it is unscripted alpha video material. It can also be seen that Valorant is significantly more geared towards counter-strike than previously thought. Five players compete against five players on the maps. The aim is to either attack or defend one of three points. At the start of the round, players buy weapons and equipment from previously acquired money. This includes primary and secondary weapons and, similar to Counter-Strike, a shield that absorbs damage. Furthermore, the player has the opportunity to buy weapons for his team members if they have too little money. As shown in the announcement trailer, there are various playable characters with special abilities.

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The gameplay trailer shows for the first time that each player has four different skills at their disposal. Depending on the situation, these can be used to reach higher places or to impair the opponent's field of vision. In addition to the abilities and weapons, the interface can be seen, apart from what from the Overwatch-like skills, close to Counter Strike: Global Offensive is ajar. If you like what has been shown so far and who wants more, according to Riot Games, you have to be patient until the summer of this year to test the tactical shooter yourself. An exact release date has not yet been announced.

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