Valorant: Online shooter must not show blood in e-sports matches – up to date in games

of Andreas Bertits
Riot Games has set up clear rules for e-sports matches for the online shooter Valorant and even integrated a "No Blood" button. Because no blood may be shown during the tournaments.

Track your esports tournaments using the online shooter Valorant are played, then no blood flows in these games. And that, even though Valorant actually represents the corresponding effects. There is a very specific reason for this.

No blood in e-sports

As Riot Games announced, with Valorant you want to reach as many players as possible and also address as many sponsors as possible. But this is only possible if you do not explicitly depict violence. Not every potential sponsor wants to be associated with a game in which the blood splatters. In addition, when transmitting live streams, it is necessary to adhere to the rules of the relevant platforms and YouTube, for example, has strict requirements when it comes to depicting violence in games.

Soberly speaking, it is about Riot Games wanting to make more money with Valorant. Because let's face it, Riot Games is a company and Valorant is a product. Therefore, the rules for e-sports events are that in these tournaments the "No Blood" mode must be used and no blood may be shown in order to reach more spectators and thus more potential players.

Source: MassivelyOP

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