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After complaints about the behavior of Vanguard, the anti-cheat software of the online shooter Valorant, Riot Games has now released a hotfix. This is supposed to allow more programs or the game simply won't start if Vanguard detects suspicious software.

The anti-cheat software Vanguard of the online shooter Valorant is very aggressive against programs on the PC that it considers suspicious. This even resulted in the cooling software of a player's graphics card being switched off. Hopefully that shouldn't happen anymore.

Anti-cheat software has been improved

Riot Games released a hotfix for Valorant's anti-cheat software (buy now for € 44.99). This increases the compatibility with drivers and software so that not as many programs are recognized as cheat software. In addition, Valorant should no longer start when Vanguard detects a program that has been classified as cheat software. Only a few programs are to be blocked.

To get the new version of Vanguard, you have to restart Valorant. An update is then downloaded via the launcher. Then it is necessary to reboot the PC. Only then will the new version of the anti-cheat software from Valorant take effect.

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