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A German technology nerd with glasses and robots joins the twelve playable characters of the tactical shooter Valorant. The new agent is called Killjoy and is a guardian with a lot of tactical potential. We give you a brief overview of their skills.

As of August 4, 2020, the second new agent in Valorant for new tactical opportunities. The heroine of German origin who does not correspond to the German beer-bockwurst-belly-cliché is a technical genius who is supposed to mix up the maps of the shooter with his inventions. You can see more about the skills of the young lady in the official trailer or read much more in this news.

Killjoy's skills

Killjoy, or "game spoiler" in German, works with tactically positioned robots and gadgets that rob opponents with different abilities of having fun.

Alarm bot
You place the little robot anywhere on the map. He patiently waits there until an opponent approaches him and rolls on him. The bot does not cause any relevant damage, but weakens the opponent with a debuff. So you can use the little metallic buddy for auditory clarification and at the same time take care of the startled victims more easily.

At Killjoy's signature capability, the name says it all. You put the tower anywhere and it starts shooting at enemies as soon as they are in the field of view of the tower – quite self-explanatory. Like any signature ability, the turret does not have to be purchased at the beginning of each round, but is available again after a specified cooldown.

This ability is like a grenade with a remote detonator. You can put it on the ground where it becomes invisible to enemy agents to set a trap for your opponents. This explosive trap does not ignite on its own. You have to activate it manually so that the grenade is yours devastating fire damage can distribute.

It takes seven Ult points to use Killjoy's ultimate ability. To trigger it, you put a capsule. This releases a strong debuff 13 seconds after activation, which makes opponents within a certain radius incapable of fighting. Enemy players can no longer flee from the area after the detonation and cannot use weapons or abilities. So that the whole thing is not overpowered, opponents can destroy the capsule within the activation time. So it is advisable to put the capsule in a protected place.

You can unlock the third guardian agent Killjoy, like all other characters, by completing orders for free. We are excited to see how the German tactician performs on the battlefield and which agent developer Riot Games will present to us next.

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