Sony mentions the benefits that PS4 and PlayStation 5 players will get with Call of Duty Vanguard. In a current one Blog entry the publisher writes that you will get five additional increments if you buy the Battle Pass bundle – for a total of 25 tier skips.

Those who have an active PS Plus membership also get “free” in-game bundles for Vanguard and Call of Duty Warzone. New packages are available for each season, including an operator skin, a weapon plan and more. Black Ops Cold War player already know that: At the start of each season, Sony distributed additional weapon packages among the Plus members, which, in addition to the content mentioned, also included emblems and double XP tokens.

“In addition, PlayStation players who play in groups receive + 25% Bonus Weapons XP in the spirit of teamwork. In addition, you can look forward to exclusive monthly Double XP events that last 24 hours. So that you for everything whatever your opponents are throwing at you, you get two additional loadout slots as a PlayStation player, “writes Sony.

A game mode available exclusively for PlayStation users – as in Cold War and Modern Warfare – does not seem to exist with Vanguard. Unlocking Call of Duty Vanguard (buy now € 64.99) is due this week: The launch will take place on November 5th. There is also new content waiting for Warzone players: the new one will be available on December 2nd Pacific-Map Caldera online. Until then will Verdansk put to rubble by in-game events.

Call of Duty: Vanguard | This is what awaits you in zombie mode – NEWS

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