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According to a leaked video from an internal conference at Microsoft, the video portal mixer is apparently not doing so well at the moment. Even the change of the prominent streamer Tyler "Ninja" Blevins should not ensure the desired upswing.

Microsoft had big plans for the video portal mixer and hoped to take on Twitch, for example by poaching prominent streamer Tyler "Ninja" Blevins. However, it seems that this will not work.

Mixer in trouble

The recording of an internal conference at Microsoft has appeared on YouTube, in which managing director Shilpa Yadla asks the bad-tempered employees to stick it out. According to the two market research companies StreamElements and Arsenal.gg, players only watched around 30.4 million hours of video content via mixers in January 2020. The growth is only two percent compared to the previous year. Facebook Gaming managed to grow from around 25 million hours to around 110 million hours over the same period. Twitch achieved 842 million hours and Youtube Gaming 358 million hours. Mixer is the bottom of the list.

You could tell that not everything went smoothly last year when co-founder James Boehm left the studio in October 2019. Players criticize the stability and lack of comfort of Mixer. You will see how the portal continues.

Source: Onmsft via Golem

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