Saturday, September 25, 2021

Video reveals new details on design and gameplay

Now there are brand new moving images for the PlayStation 5. Discover new details about the console, the controller and see new gameplay for three upcoming PS5 games.

PlayStation 5

YouTube video finally shows the PS5 in action

As part of the YouTube Gaming Week, several Japanese YouTubers were given the opportunity to lend a hand on the PlayStation 5 for the first time. They presented the new console in a live stream and afterwards we were with one brand new youtube video rewarded. This includes whole 24 minutes on new material for the next-gen:

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4GrrGhKi3w (/ embed)

For the first time we experience that Dimensions and appearance of the PS5 in real moving images. Also the DualSense controller is carefully examined and extensively tested in Astro's Playroom. The individual functions such as haptic feedback and the adaptive trigger impressively presented.


Also new Gameplay is not neglected in the video. So we see a lot of scenes from Godfall and Balan Wonderful and get the lightning-fast loading times proven again and again.

Only the I.nterface of the PS5 is taboo during the presentation and will not be shown. A leaker now reveals pictures of the new one Home screen and also reveals a memory problem with the PS5. For further important questions about the next-gen, please visit our practical overview of the price, release and design of the PS5.

Have you lost track of when which game will be released for the PS5? We will help you with this series of pictures:

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Finally there is real hands-on material for the PlayStation 5 instead of rendered video sequences. We may expect more videos for the console in the coming days. After Japanese YouTubers and the press have had their chance, other countries will certainly follow.

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