Video shows 12 minutes of gameplay from the action RPG

from Andreas Bertits
The Ascent is a kind of cyberpunk diablo. You can see how this works in a 12-minute gameplay video.

The Ascent was announced as a new action RPG during the Inside Xbox livestream for the Xbox Series X among others. The announcement video showed gameplay only briefly. Now there is more to see.

Exciting battles

You can see how a Diablo plays in a cyberpunk universe using the approximately 12-minute gameplay video for The Ascent. The video is very action-packed and we basically only see fights, which seem pretty intense. The video also shows that Loot plays an important role.

It is still an early alpha version, which we notice from the performance, which still leaves something to be desired. However, the developers still have time until the end of the year to get the stutters under control. At the end of the video you can see that there is more to the game than shooting. The hero runs through a city and apparently meets a client there in a bar.

We still have to see how much Diablo is really in The Ascent. In any case, the new gameplay video makes an interesting impression.

Source: VG247

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The Ascent: Diablo meets Cyberpunk – Reveal trailer for the action RPG

Several developer veterans from Wolfenstein and Gears of War are currently working with their new development team at Neon Giant on The Ascent – an action role-playing game for Xbox Series X and Xbox One. The title takes place in a cyberpunk world on the planet Veles and is reminiscent of Diablo in terms of gameplay. The Ascent is played from an isometric perspective. In the trailer we not only get a look at the game world, but also at the gameplay of the upcoming title. Towards the end of the year, the game will appear on the platforms mentioned.