Villain strategy game free for a short time

from André Linken
You can tap the strategy game Evil Genius for free for a short time on Steam. The publisher Rebellion currently grants you the opportunity to receive a free key for the Steam version. However, you shouldn't take too much time with it.

If you ever wanted to take a closer look at the now 16-year-old villain strategy game Evil Genius, you are currently being offered a particularly favorable opportunity. The publisher Rebellion is giving away free keys for the Steam version for a short time.

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To get the key you need both a steam account and an active rebellion account. You have to link these two to immediately unlock your free digital copy of Evil Genius. It is currently unknown how long this campaign will run. Therefore, you shouldn't take too much time to bag the gift. A more detailed guide can be found on the official Rebellion website.

At Evil Genius you take on the role of a nasty super villain who has to build a base that is as secret as it is well-equipped on a remote island. There he is researching a powerful super weapon in order to seize world domination. However, agents of the good side repeatedly penetrate his base, which must be fended off. You can also send some of your followers on missions. The successor Evil Genius 2 is expected to appear later this year.

Source: rebellion

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Evil GeniusPC

Evil Genius

Shoving cleaning ladies, locking up secret agents and blowing up the Eiffel Tower – Evil Genius is feed for the inner bastard.