Visual bug costs victory in the quarterfinals

from Sebastian Glanzer
Masters Tour Hearthstone pros know the opponent's decks by heart and prepare for any situation. Player Cagnetta was not prepared for a visual bug in the quarter-final game against Dreivo. From a certain point in time in the game, its armor points only existed visually.

Armor effects are added to the health points in Hearthstone. The number in the small plate on the hero's portrait shows how much armor your opponent has to fight through before he can scratch your life points with his servants and spells. Through interactions between the warrior's bombs – those through, for example Screw calibur triggered – and the additional armor that can be obtained from the Galakrond cards, there is a visual bug. This bug cost professional Cagnetta a game in his match in the quarterfinals of the Hearthstone Masters Tour.

In this case it was Galakrond, the unspeakable Blame for the visual bug. As you can see in the video, the priest above actually has nine life points (four life points + five armor), but the armor is actually not there. From this point onwards, Cagnetta could actually be in the video Dark madness and Holy torment win.

Particularly bitter: In the end he even loses the game to his own warrior bombs, of which he draws three in a row. Admittedly: Cagnetta was probably busy with all sorts of other scenarios, as he first had to survive himself and the priest repeatedly switched the decks and cards in hand of the two players, which made the game even more complicated. Then you can also expect to recognize possible errors in the game code, even from the best Hearthstone (buy now € 0.00 )– Do not expect players. A repetition of the game or a game rating in favor of Cagnetta is not provided for in the rules in such a case.

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