Windows 11: Optical differences as the main feature

A week ago, a leaked pre-release version of Windows 11 made it onto the Internet – since Microsoft aggressively tried to remove the download links, it seems to be a real pre-release version. So far it was not at all clear whether there would be a successor to Windows 10 at all or whether Windows 10 is not just being constantly updated or the latest version is available for download. The Süddeutsche Zeitung reports today on Windows 11, whereby the update theory cannot be completely dismissed despite the new name. Because among other things, the actual technology behind the new operating system seems to be very similar to the current version 10. Differences can be seen more in appearance. The installation of Windows 11, for example, is also identical to that of Windows 10, but with the advantage that setting up an offline account is easier than with Windows 10. This is not particularly important for private users, but IT technicians who, for example, often have to install several systems for employees of a company will be happy about this little thing.

Microsoft wants the “next generation of Windows” in an online event on Thursday (buy now )“show – this will probably be Windows 11, provided the name is not only used internally and in the end it will” only “be a major Windows 10 update. Nevertheless, in the long term, Windows 10 will probably end For this purpose, a support document appeared in which the end of Windows 10 could be read out for 2025. But if that only means that Windows 11 will replace the 10 version and you, which is also already suspected, a license for it for Windows 10 or even Windows 7 or 8, the changeover should be easy, especially since the changes apparently largely affect optical elements.

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