Voice actor Troy Baker is hinting "big news" shortly – game news

from Dominik Zwingmann
Voice actor Troy Baker has announced "big news" on his Twitter account. Baker is known as the voice of numerous characters. His most famous voices include Joel from The Last of Us or Higgs in Death Stranding. However, it is currently unclear whether the announcement has anything to do with video games.

Troy Baker opens the door to numerous speculations. The well-known voice actor announced on Twitter that some "big news" can be expected shortly. Troy Baker has not yet revealed any further details. His current projects include The Last of Us Part 2, where he can be heard as Joel's voice, and Marvel's Avengers, where he slips into the role of Bruce Banner.

It is of course unclear whether his announcement has anything to do with these two games. Something outside the video game universe is also conceivable. Together with Nolan North (known as Nathan Drake's voice), the voice actor also has a YouTube channel called Retro Replay. We'll keep you posted here as Troy Baker reveals the secret in the coming days.

Source: Twitter

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