The developers of Blizzard Entertainment launched a call to the community on the night of Friday (September 4th, 2020) to Saturday (September 5th, 2020). In the mount contest presented here, WoW enthusiasts can now bring one of five mounts to life. The winning mount will be developed early next year and will be made available free of charge to Shadowlands buyers alone.

You now have the choice between …

  • … one wandering ancestrywhich is as huge as it is overgrown. If you've always wanted a monstrous stomping mount, this is your chance.
  • … one sailing magic tomes. The fans of the Mage class mounts will enjoy the flying tome.
  • … one nerubian enthusiasts. Anyone who has enjoyed the instances of the Wrath-of-the-Lichking expansion will hardly want to miss this mount.
  • … one curious caterpillar. In contrast to Ottfried Fischer's caterpillar in "Das große Krabbeln", however, it will hardly turn into a "beautiful butterfly".
  • … one slimy slimy saber. The slime puddles of the epidemic fall come to life – at least put on your gloves.

What does the free WoW mount look like?

Nobody knows that at the moment. However, creative minds on Reddit have already thought about what it looks like based on the description could. What do you think of these sketches?

The development process is still in the brainstorming phase – so the developers point out that both the name and the description of the mounts could change.

How do I get the free WoW mount?

You can vote here until September 18th (11:59 pm).

  • Important: You need an active WoW (buy now € 23.39 )-Subscription to take part in the vote.
  • Do not forget: No matter which mount you vote for: As long as you have bought the upcoming Shadowlands expansion, you will get one of these five mounts.

WoW: The second afterlife short film – Maldraxxus

Below is the original bluepost:


Our artists have been busy developing concepts for five unique mounts that you can vote on. And now it's your turn: choose your favorite from the voting linked above and below; the concept with the most votes worldwide will be crowned the winner and then put into practice by our artists.

Wandering ancient

Not all ancients are interested in war or teaching, some just want to travel the world! The wandering ancient is a huge and leafy mount. If you get on its back and hold on to its branches, it will trudge off on an exploration tour with you.

Sailing grimoire

This oversized tome was found in the forgotten depths of the Dalaran library, fluttering wildly around the room. Open this book soaked with arcane energy and set sail with it on a magical adventure.

Nerubian hawkmoth

When the helm of the rulership was destroyed, the nerubians were also released into the world under the control of the Lich King. Some of them were captured by the Argent Crusade and turned over to its Black Blade allies to draw on their side. Now with their spider-like claws they serve as mounts and hunt down the angry undead in the frozen tundra of Icecrown.

Inquisitive caterpillar

One night a curious caterpillar found its way into the heartland in the valley of the four winds and there was fed up with the oversized vegetables. When the pandaren of Halfhills awoke the next morning, they found a huge dormant caterpillar amidst their half-eaten crops. This friendly worm is too big to grow into a butterfly, but it is just the right size for a mount.

Slimy slimesaber

Numerous wobbly creatures emerged from the slime pools of Plaguefall, including this sticky kitten. This greasy saber-toothed cat is oozing slime and should therefore only be ridden with gloves.

As soon as our artists have finished and saddled the mount for you, it will be added to the mount collection of all players who have activated Shadowlands on their account in the first quarter of 2021. The voting runs for two weeks until September 18 at 23:59 CEST, so vote for your favorite until then! Please note that there are multiple votes for different regions so that our players around the world can vote. The results of your voting are only valid for your respective region.

The mount names and descriptions are still under development and are subject to change

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