Chris Metzen, aka. Thundergod, should be familiar to many players out there. The story he wrote for the universe from Warcraft to the WoW expansion Legion made him a legend among fans and developers. However, in 2016, after 23 years, he retired from Blizzard to take care of his family, among other things.

In 2018 he founded a club with Mike Gilmartin, also a former Blizzard employee. To be more precise, a tabletop club that was designed to offer fans of the format a home where they can meet new people and pursue their hobby.

Chris Metzen and Mike Gilmartin found tabletop studio

Like him in one Interview with reports, Metzen's best memories come from the times when he was busy with tabletop games. In order to let these memories blossom again and pass them on, Warchief Gaming, the name of the club, was created. The club continued to grow over the course of two years. It is now visited by many people who want to lead and experience all kinds of tabletop games.

But then the thought hit Metzen: What if we could not just be a club, but also a studio?
It was exactly this idea that was ultimately implemented and resulted in Warchief Gaming as a development studio.
Cancel this the two developers in a video. The new studio aims to create games and stories across all media platforms, so the official website of the studio.

So what exactly is in store for us cannot yet be said. Board games, pen & paper adventures or maybe video games again? There is no answer yet, but more information will be published on the Warchief Gaming website in the next few months.

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