Warcraft 3: players accuse Blizzard of fraud and misleading advertising

The annoyance of many "Warcraft 3 Reforged" buyers has not subsided, not only because of the disappointed expectations but certainly also due to developer Blizzard. The website continues to advertise content for the purchase of Warcraft 3 Reforged that is not included in the remaster of the strategy classic: including advertised cutscenes such as "Eradicating Stratholme". The misleading advertising, according to buyers and pre-orders, only heats people's spirits. Demands for Refunds or even a class action lawsuit in the US are getting louder.

But what legal leverage do the buyers of Warcraft 3 Reforged have and does Blizzard actually move on thin ice here?
Blizzard has yet to respond to our missing feature request. We therefore have at the law firm <a href = "https://www.wbs-law.de/" title = "Wild flexor solar corner"target =" _ blank ">Wild flexor solar corner sent a request to evaluate the current situation. Of course, we are interested in whether buyers have the option to withdraw from the purchase contract and whether the advertising on Blizzard's homepage is actually misleading or whether it is possibly a pretense of false facts.

The revised user interface did not find its way into the release version of Warcraft 3 Reforged. & Nbsp;

The revised user interface did not find its way into the release version of Warcraft 3 Reforged.

Source: Chairmanchuck

What does "misleading advertising" mean? We quote from the Homepage of the law firm:

"Advertising tries to present its own products in the best possible light. However, the marketing must not go so far that the addressed consumers or other market participants are misled."

Furthermore it says: "All misleading business acts are prohibited, provided they are likely to induce the person addressed to make a business decision that he would otherwise not have made. An entrepreneur acts misleadingly if the act contains false information or information that is deceptive. Information is included such statements, which are in principle amenable to proof, are therefore factual, meaning that misleading advertising is always present when an entrepreneur tries to promote his sales and thereby claims untrue facts or expresses himself in such a way that the consumer is at least deceived can. "

Hopefully we will soon find out from the firm whether this definition can be applied to Warcraft 3 Reforged. We'll keep you up to date. On reddit and in various forums disappointed players still speak up and list which features are missing and which problems there are with the remaster.

  • "The movements of the units are bound to 20 frames per second (in 2020 they will look like chunky robots)
  • The same cutscenes as in the original version, no improvements
  • No new campaigns.
  • No new user interface
  • Poor translations and localization into other languages ​​(German localization is full of mistakes)
  • No custom game lobbies
  • No revised story elements
  • Money for skins

Many features from the original have been deleted, including but not limited to:

  • Automated tournaments
  • Clans, profiles, ladder
  • 3D animated campaign backgrounds and 3D animated portraits from Battle.net
  • Listing of the chat
  • Individual campaigns

Then there is the obvious Graphic downgrade or the legal situation regarding custom maps. "

However, Blizzard has never directly promised some of the features mentioned, such as new campaigns. Also had Robert Bridenbecker, Executive Producer and Vice President at Blizzard Entertainment in November 2019 mentions that some content doesn't make it into the remaster version. For example, he named the intended changes to the story, which should ensure that the story of Warcraft 3 matches that of World of Warcraft. In addition, the developers wanted to give the two WoW fan favorites Jaina Prachtmeer and Sylvanas Windrunner more time in the spotlight in Warcraft 3. According to Bridenbecker, the decision to ultimately decide against a "reforged" story was due to the feedback from fans who love the story about Arthas as it is and a changed focus in development. The team just wanted to focus more on "to make the game"According to Bridenbecker, this is a natural process in the course of game development. After the announcement not to change the story, fans were also disappointed in some cases, since a slightly rewritten story would have been for new Warcraft content such as additional campaigns – perhaps in the form of DLCs – can worry.

Even if the first alarm bells were ringing back then that there might be problems behind the scenes and the beta tests were still not 100 percent convincing, fans probably did not expect such a product as Warcraft 3 Reforged currently does is – in addition to missing features, technical problems also spoil the fun. A fitting example from our current test: Our tester Felix can only compare the new cut scene with the one shown at BlizzCon. In the game itself is a shot of one Comparison between Classic and Remaster currently not possible, because every time you switch the graphics from "Classic" to "New", the game no longer detects the progress of the campaign. Everything very annoying.

We will of course inform you as soon as we have received a response from Blizzard or the firm. If you are one of the angry customers, you can of course contact the Customer service turn. That a refund via support did not work, at least for an Australian player, shows a chat history published on reddit, In it, a support representative named Nypolden explains that the sales conditions consider all sales to be complete once the buyer has accepted them. The complete End User License Agreement can also be found on the official website.

How do you see the current situation? Are the demands for legal action exaggerated or is a general refund without reason given by Blizzard the right gesture? Are you affected yourself and would like a refund? Let us know in the comments!

Where's our Warcraft 3 test? If everything goes well, our test will appear this week.

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