WAHAHAHAAAAA! So now that we have your attention, Nintendo unveiled during Nintendo Direct at E3 2021 after years of pleading and begging and a micro game collection finally a real new part from WarioWare. WarioWare: Get It Together is the name of the good thing and will be released on September 10, 2021 exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

At first glance everything looks the same, but the first trailer reveals a really big change in the design. Where Wario, Mona, 8-Bit and Co. previously only served as figureheads for the, well, let’s call them “story” of the games, but rarely appeared in the microgames, which only last a few seconds, they now always seem to be one of their own to have an active role in it.

What’s more, the mini-games are no longer linked to the “campaigns” of individual characters, but every hero and heroine can appear in every mini-game, including special skills. How big the impact of this design decision, which brings a certain complexity into the otherwise always ultra-simple microgames, remains to be seen.

The second innovation of the game was advertised more aggressively: the co-op mode for two participants, on which the title Get It Together! alludes to. This is also likely to have a major impact on the structure of the game, it remains to be seen to what extent.

It is not yet known whether the co-op mode will only be available locally or also online. Since the usual display in such cases that additional costs may be incurred when playing online is missing in the trailer and instead only the costs for additional accessories and modules are pointed out, online fooling is unlikely.

It also remains to be seen how the control works, i.e. whether Joy-Cons and motion control are required or whether we can also use the pro controller. Maybe there is information about it in the currently running stream called Nintendo Treehouse, in this case we will update the news tomorrow morning.

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