One of the most prominent features of Shadowlands are the so-called pacts: You will be able to join four different groupings that dominate areas of the WoW afterlife in the course of the story. In the heavenly bastion you will meet the Kyrians, in the warlike Maldraxxus on the necrolords, in the Ardenwald on the fairy-tale night fae and in the gothic paradise Revendreth on the Venthyr. This basically covers a lot of tastes, which of course always makes a role play a pleasure. But personal preferences collide with gameplay benefits in Shadowlands. Because the four pacts not only offer you unique stories, mounts, magnificent armor, weapons & Co. You even get special skills that you can only use as a member of a pact. Even before the release, there is now and again resentment in the community: How much can we go to taste, if we are at the same time worse in the fight? So we took a look at the warlocks' pact skills in the Shadowlands Beta and give you a foretaste. In this way, you can already consider which pact should be suitable for you.

Kyrian Pact Ability: Scourging Obolus

If you decide for the Elysian ranks of the Kyrians in Bastion, your warlock gets access to arcane damage through the spell Scourging obolus. You hit a single target in two ways, because first it takes direct damage, and then it collects higher damage overall in the form of damage over time. The special thing about Scourging obolus but is the mode of operation in the event of survival or death of the enemy. If the target survives the DoT effect, the pact capability is charged directly and is ready for use again. If it dies, however, you can look forward to a full charge of soul shards!

Scourging Obolus of the Kyrians is great for single goals of the witcher in WoW Shadowlands.

Scourging Obolus of the Kyrians is great for single goals of the witcher in WoW Shadowlands.

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So far does Scourging obolus a good impression of raid content in Shadowlands. Thanks to the recharging mechanism, a DoT effect can be maintained on the target practically permanently. If, on the other hand, we need a batch of soul shards, a supply can be fetched through the death of an affected weak opponent. But it is probably difficult to plan exactly when the target will die, which makes the ideal moment (when you have no splinters at all) difficult to define. The DoT effect could complement the overall gameplay of ailment wizards, but it could also provide demonology and destruction with a source of damage for which they do not have to stop. Only when fighting against many opponents at once or when it comes to quick damage does the pact ability seem rather unsuitable so far.

Necrolord Pact Ability: Decimation Bolt

With the destructive power of the Necrolords in your luggage, you can Decimation flash use against your enemies. The spell needed similar to a Chaos lightning several seconds to work and then let four lightning bolts fly that hit your target. The special advantage of the pact ability is the subsequent buff. Depending on the specialization, the damage of the next three missions is from Burn with Destruction Sorcerers, or Shadow lightning (alternatively the talent soul stealer) clearly increased. This damage bonus is additionally reinforced – the lower the target's health points, the higher the bonus. Curiously, this is currently still a "snapshot": If you kill an opponent who only has ten percent of his life points, the damage bonus of the next three enhanced spells is particularly strong on other targets. This way, you can have powerful versions of Burn, Shadow lightning and soul stealer tinker by using the Pact Skill on the right goal.

Decimation flash makes a first-class impression in the beta as a DpS booster, through which we can also tackle individual opponents like a sniper. soul stealer mutates into the absolute finisher, because the talent already has bonus damage compared to targets that have less than 20 percent life points. The long duration of action of Decimation flash could prove to be a disadvantage if you normally rely on a more mobile style of play.

Night Fae Pact Ability: Soul Rot

The fairy-tale night Fae equip you with the scary sounding rot of the soul. This DoT spell hits up to three additional targets and causes them to suffer nature damage over time, while you yourself sacrifice 20 percent of your maximum health for the spell. Much more important: while the effect is active, yours hits Bloodsuckers all enemies hit by Soul Rot and does not consume any mana.

Bloodsucker of the sorcerer hits all targets that are affected by soul rot and becomes significantly more powerful.

Bloodsucker of the sorcerer hits all targets that are affected by soul rot and becomes significantly more powerful.

Source: Buffed

Soul rot is particularly worthwhile for large groups of opponents, because the many active ones Bloodsuckers pump you full of health. However, you will have to be careful when you use the spell – because the loss of 20 percent of maximum health should not be underestimated. Soul rot works together as an additional area attack for exploring the open world Bloodsuckers but definitely promising.

Venthyr Pact Ability: Impending Disaster

We get the spell through the Venthyr Pact Impending disasterwho forms a blood-red ball in front of us and then chases it as a projectile in a line through hordes of opponents. All enemies in the projectile trajectory take damage, with the last target being hit even harder. In addition, the impact triggers an explosion at the end, which the enemies there coincidentally with Curse of languages or Curse of weakness meets.

Impending disaster makes us a little skeptical. On paper, hitting many opponents in one line may be promising, but not always useful in practice. And the random curse application is useless or very practical depending on the outcome. Normal melee fighters are from one Curse of languages namely unimpressed. However, there is a lot of potential for Mythic Plus dungeons here.

Is a pact skill best in Shadowlands?

We tend to have two compact skills in terms of gameplay benefits: Decimation flash the necrolords and Impending disaster the Venthyr. Decimation flash seems to be the go-to option for raids. Because the damage bonus for spells like Burn, Shadow lightning or soul stealer falls out immensely. Impending disaster could be a useful tool for larger groups of enemies in Mythic Plus dungeons. Because there the many, albeit random, curses can reduce the overall damage of the enemies. But if you are more in the open world, you are relatively free to decide. We then even recommend the night fish, as the multipleBloodsuckers helps a lot in surviving against groups of opponents. If you then also play an affliction wizard, you can get a lot of extra DpS thanks to the talent Inevitable demise looking forward. This increases through the use of the Affliction spell agony the damage of Bloodsuckers. None of the four pact skills is really bad so far.

At this point, don't forget that all of these predictions and assumptions are still in beta for the game. All in all, we put a hippie flower wreath on our heads and say: Damage is not everything. Choosing a pact gives you exclusive access to all kinds of content. Be it the festivals of the Venthyr, the fairytale armor sets of the Night Fae, special mounts or the individual pact campaigns that are only open as a pact member.

WoW: The second afterlife short film – Maldraxxus

The signature capabilities of the Pacts in Shadowlands

While the different classes of WoW (buy now € 23.39 ) If you receive a unique skill for your guild if you belong to a pact, there is also a general signature ability. This is the same for all classes if they belong to the same pact. Keep this ability in mind when choosing a pact for gameplay benefits.

Summon Provost: Kyrian friends are allowed to summon a cute helper every five minutes who, in addition to a few fluff features, also offers a helpful vial of equanimity. This not only heals you for 15 percent of your life points, but also removes all diseases, curses, poisons and bleeding. This is useful in many different situations and makes you flexible!

Meat shaping: With this spell you get a barrier that lasts two minutes. It absorbs damage equal to 20 percent of your maximum health. If you even use the spell next to a corpse, it will be increased to up to 50 percent instead of 20 percent. But for this you have to work him next to particularly powerful opponents. The witcher already has some protective mechanisms, but with another one you can save yourself from virtual death in all kinds of situations.

Shadow gate: With the help of this signature ability, you can teleport to another location. Warlocks are relatively mobile anyway when they want to. Burning Rush, Demonic Circle, and Demonic Gate make this possible. Accordingly, this ability has little to offer warlocks.

Soul shape: As a Ardenwald follower, you can put yourself in a ghostly animal form like a druid to get from A to B faster. Similar to the Venthyr, you have a teleport ability, with which you cannot target a specific location, but simply "jump" forward. So witchers do not have a significant gameplay advantage.

Have you already decided on a pact? Where will we meet your warlock in Shadowlands? Write us in the comments!

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