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In Destiny 2, the attributes on the armor largely determine the speed with which the super, class ability and melee skill are charged. Ada is currently selling very cheap Godroll armor with intellect and relaxation for warlocks – you should definitely buy it if your chest armor … is weak!

The Guardians of Destiny 2 are always on the hunt for the armor with the highest core stats. All legendary items below a value of 60 are usually destroyed instantly. Why? Because the attributes are then relatively low and valuable mod space has to be used to simply push the attributes instead of being able to choose mods that influence the game, for example. That’s why it’s all the more exciting when a dealer in Destiny 2 offers so-called Godroll armor with a value over 60 for relatively low costs, as is currently the case for Warlocks.

Ada-1 indulges in Warlocks

Since the 13th season, Ada-1 is back in the game, which you can find in the back of the tower in the annex near the Drifter and which introduces you to the transmogrification system of Destiny 2, the so-called armor synthesis. Ada-1 doesn’t just do that, it also sells armor every week at a very affordable price. And it can sometimes be tough, as in the week from July 13, 2021 to July 20, 2021 (on July 15, 2021, however, an update for Destiny 2 will be released and that can mess up Ada’s offer!)

The Warlock chest protector Wilde-Jagd-Clothing offers you a breastplate with 61 points, and that for only 25 Legendary Fragments and 1,000 Glimmer. 60s ratings on armor are not super rare now. But what is special about these wild hunting clothing is that the 61 basic points are almost without exception distributed between the values ​​of recovery (+28) and intellect (+25). The first attribute reduces the class ability cooldown, the second attribute reduces the super charge time. Quasi a perfect match for super and rift strong builds. If the attributes suit you and you do not have a really high value on your chest armor, then it is worthwhile to take it.

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