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According to current rumors, two different Superman games were already under the banner of Warner Bros. Interactive in the works. One of them is supposed to have been an open-world game in the style of Spider-Man. However, both projects were discontinued relatively early.

There were always rumors and speculation about a Superman game, which is supposed to be created under the banner of Warner Bros. Interactive. An official announcement is still pending. But apparently everything was more in tune with the rumors than previously thought. At least the current tweets of the journalist James Sigfield of Geeks Worldwide suggest it.

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According to him, Warner Bros. Interactive has been trying to launch a Superman game since 2013, even several times. The first project for which Warner Bros. received its first pitches from several producers and Game Directos in the industry six years ago, was, according to Sigfield, an open-world game in the style of the PlayStation 4 exclusive title Spider-Man. However, the end of this project was already in the prototype phase.

The second attempt is a game with the project name Superman: Unbound, which should aim less towards the Open World. The scene was a city called Kandor, where Superman should meet such villains as Braniac and Doomsday. However, this project also failed: Warner Bros. Interactive had the requirement that every DC game based on the Arkham engine by Rocsteady Studios should be based. This did not make the unspecified developers, however, not clear – especially not with regard to the planned flight deposits of Superman. Therefore, this project did not go beyond an early stage.

Whether there will be another attempt remains to be seen. According to Sigfield, Warner Bros. Interactive continues to accept proposals for a new Superman game.

Source: Twitter

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