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The WoW Classic players Gendisarraay (warrior) and Shiftus (priest) were able to defeat raid boss Onyxia in a material battle for two. The fight against the brood mother lasted almost 57 minutes. Countless mana potions, runes and even flasks were necessary for the kill.

In WoW Classic we are currently in the final phase and all challenges designed by Blizzard have been mastered several times. At the same time, it will be a little while before we can set off to Outland as part of the Burning Crusade Classic.

It is therefore not surprising that some Azeroth heroes are currently increasingly looking for new challenges. For example Master Naxxramas in under 50 minutes. Yourself to prepare for TBC Classic in the best possible way. Or defeating bosses from older phases with a raid group that is as lean as possible.

The latter category includes what Gendisarraay (warriors) and Shiftus (priests) recently achieved. The two WoW Classic players were able to defeat Onyxia in a sheer material battle (via Wowhead).

The fight lasted almost 57 minutes. The list of consumables used is impressive. Here are the items that Shiftus used:

The following items were used at Gendisarray:

You can do the impressive kill yourself here on Twitch look at. When Onyxia could be placed by three players for the first time in WoW Classic (That was in August 2020), the fight lasted just under 45 minutes. What challenges do you want in WoW (buy now € 14.99 ) Master Classic before Burning Crusade Classic comes? Let us know in the comments!

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WoW: Retro trailer with Onyxia fight from 2004

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