Call of Duty: Warzone players only want one thing, namely working anti-cheat software. The start of Season 5 is disappointing on the level, but new perks and weapons may offer an incentive to persevere.

Call of Duty: Warzone

with a tweet Developer Raven Software made the players of Call of Duty: Warzone hope for early and, above all, effective measures against cheaters. In the patch notes for Season 5 there is nothing to be read about it. But the new perks and weapons that are supposed to make Warzone more varied. (Source: Raven Software).

New weapons for Warzone

At the start of the 5th season there is a new assault rifle (Battle Pass level 15) and a new submachine gun (Battle Pass level 31). The fully automatic Assault rifle EM2 Although it has a slow rate of fire, it does high damage per shot in return. In addition, the weapon inherently has a telescopic sight with a low zoom factor. the TEC-9 is the new submachine gun and actually a semi-automatic weapon. The “burst of fire” and “fully automatic” modes for the TEC-9 can also be set using attachments.

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In the course of the season it will be with the Walking stick another new one Melee weapon give, also with the Marshal a two-barreled handgun come in, the shotgun ammunition fires.

New perks for Warzone

Unlike the weapons, the perk changes and new perks are only available in Warzone and not in Cold War. in the 2. Slot (red) you can now find the perk Tempered. This increases the armor value of a single plate to 75 points, which means you can still achieve the maximum armor of 150 points with just two plates. So you get a lot more out of your maximum of five (or eight) plates and, especially towards the end of a match, when new plates are harder to get, you can go into a fight more often with the maximum health points of 250 and thus have an advantage.

Im 3. Slot (gelb) there is now the perk Combat Scout. With it, enemies are highlighted for a short time when hit and can also be seen behind cover. In addition, they are automatically marked with a ping and also tell your teammates where the opponent is, which simplifies coordination. In order to be able to counteract this perk, the perk Cold Blooded from the 1st slot (blue) changes. If you have this in your loadout, Combat Scout will not work for you.

Just recently, Raven Software changed that too Perk High Alert (alarmed) from slot 2 (red) so that you can now also follow the steps of players with an active field upgrade Dead Silence (Totenstille) can hear.

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Tempered is supposed to offer an alternative to the almost exclusively used Perk Ghost in the 2nd slot and Raven tries in general To make variety in the perk choice more attractive. It is questionable whether this will work and really bring a breath of fresh air to Warzone.

The big picture still hovers over it all Cheater-Problem and the lack of variety always using the same map, which was only partially changed with the Cold War integration. There are currently the first ones Teaser zu Call of Duty 2021, maybe the next CoD will bring solutions to Warzone’s biggest problems.