In Call of Duty: Warzone, you need money for pretty much everything. Especially the bounty orders bring in a lot of coal and also reveal where the opponents are. Such a mission has never been completed as efficiently as this player.

Call of Duty: Warzone

The various missions in Call of Duty: Warzone offer the opportunity to gain experience and money away from kills. The bounty orders are particularly lucrative, as they reveal not only a large chunk of coal but also the whereabouts of an opponent.

What are "bounties"?

The bounty orders (in English "Bountys") can be found all over the game world. If a player collects one of the orders, an opponent is selected as a target and his approximate position is shown to the player and his team. The target must be found and switched off within a few minutes. There is a bonus when several missions are completed in a row.

The rewards are experience points and money.

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The fastest bounty hunter

Since the release, players on Reddit have boasted the fastest completion (or shooting down), but now they seem to have found their master. The time it takes for Reddit user Kaspriskee is likely in the millisecond range lie:

The order is only activated after the decisive ball has left the barrel, and even if other players have already completed similarly quick deals, this is a whole lot faster.

Here is another but a little slower example:

According to calculations by Reddit user Rkiive, Kaspriskee's record will be hard to break. The projectiles of the weapon used, a KAR98K, have a speed of 1050 m / s. The target was 138 yards away, so the bullet traveled for 0.16 seconds. Rkiive assumes that between activating the bounty and hitting the bullet there were 0.7 seconds. Since the Warzone servers only update the game every 0.5 seconds, there is little space to undercut this time.

There is no medal or entry in the Guinness Book for it, but at least the enthusiasm and recognition of the Reddit community. Which is probably harder than getting an entry in the Book of Records.