That the introduction of the Cold War weapons in Call of Duty: Warzone would cause a few balance issues was actually. However, some weapons currently dominate the game so much that they annoy players.

Call of Duty: Warzone

Anyone who is currently pulling through Call of Duty: Warzone without the DMR-14 rifle is at a severe disadvantage. The weapon is omnipresent in the game and, in combination with the MAC-10, currently dominates the loadouts of the players. The Akimbo pistols are also extremely powerful, especially the Diamatti.

The game claimed this very entry-level meta shortly after the start of Season 1 on December 1, 2020. If you want to win, you bet on the gun DMR-14 or Type 63 for long and medium distances and has the for short distances MAC-10 or Diamatti with it. With the precise and powerful shots from the rifles and the fast firing rates of the SMG and pistol with volley mode, you are equipped with such a loadout for all situations.

So for weeks these Black Ops Cold War weapons have been an integral part of Warzone and many players are annoyed not being able to play anything elseif you want to fight for victory.

Their pleading has now been heard by Raven Software, the developer announced via Twitter that they are currently working on the adjustments to the weapons.

The community is very happy about the tweet, only with the MAC-10 many are not very convinced of the need for a nerf. What the adjustments will look like is as little known as the date of the corresponding patch. The players are also grateful that finally some form of communication comes from the developers.

Considering the fact that Warzone got over 30 new weapons in one fell swoop and is already extremely difficult to balance due to its many variables, it is actually rather surprising that the new weapons did not cause complete chaos.