Anyone who dies in Call of Duty: Warzone is given a chance to re-enter through a duel in the Gulag. The duelists have spectators who can even intervene in the game.

Call of Duty's Battle Royale Warzone does a lot of new things, including the possibilities for players to get back into the game. After death, players in Warzone come to a gulag where they duel with another game to re-enter. Other players who have also died watch these duels and can throw stones at the fighters.

These stones don't do any lethal damage, but they are sometimes responsible for the death of one or both duelists. The weapons and equipment in the gulag are random and can also contain claymores. These can be triggered with a stone.

Killed someone in the Gulag by throwing a rock at their claymore. from r / COD war zone

Mines can be triggered in the same way:

Two birds, one stone. from r / COD war zone

The stones should according to the developer cause only one point of damage and not be fatal. But there still seems to be a bug:

Friend dies from getting a rock thrown at him and even has a kill cam to show that it was the rock thrower. from r / COD war zone

The audience wants to be entertained in the Gulag and the entertainment factor really cannot be denied. Maybe Infinity Ward will leave the mistake in there.

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What do you think of the Gulag feature for Call of Duty: Warzone? Is it a useful extension that enriches the game or does it soften the rather relentless Battle Royale genre? Write your opinion in the comments.