If you die in Call of Duty: Warzone, you have to fight for your life in the gulag to get another chance in the game. It's nothing special anymore, but it gets funny when a viewer gets involved and sends two opponents to their deaths.

Call of Duty: Warzone

CoD Warzone: When the impossible becomes possible

If you die in CoD: Warzone and are sent to the gulag, that doesn't mean that it's your turn. Often it is necessary to bridge the waiting time and until it is your turn you have the opportunity to throwing stones at the players.

Although stones do hardly any damage, they make noise and can give away the opponent's position. Accordingly, it has happened that they have decided a game for you in the end. But there are also other possible uses, as a streamer recently demonstrated live to his viewers.

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Popcorn for everyone!

Streamer LazyEyeMcfly landed in the gulag and waited to get on. At that time, however, he had not expected that he would make the impossible come true. When he discovered the C4 and the stun grenade his competitors were receiving, he saw his chance come. He grabbed his stones aimed at the C4, triggering the chargethat wiped out both unsuspecting Warzone players at once. You can tell from his face that he was totally surprised by his performance.

The community is enthusiastic and impressed by the fact that LazyEyeMcfly is not just a kill, but even made a “popcorn”. Even if there was no further reward for this, he had at least two fewer competitors in the game.

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