Warzone is not difficult at all, even a dog can play it

There are dog owners who teach their four-legged friends tricks like doing males or jumping through hoops. However, a YouTuber taught his dog to play CoD: Warzone.

Call of Duty: Warzone

After YouTuber Will Archer saw other dogs playing video games, he figured his bitch shouldn't have a problem with it and taught her to play Call of Duty: Warzone. Teaching the dog Rosie the shooter, however, took a lot of work.


The first problem, of course, was to allow the dog paws to interact with the game first. For this, Will rebuilt a keyboard a littleby sticking a large piece of cardboard on each of the two buttons so that Rosie can press them with her paw. One button for moving forward and one for firing the weapon, that's all it takes to move fundamentally through Warzone.

Teaching Rosie to press the keys on command was hard work, and of course, it required patience a lot of small rewards. The little tidbits were probably a nicer reward than the prospect of a quad kill, so the dog was certainly fine. But in the end Will and Rosie managed to run through Verdansk together and shoot at the opponents. Rosie got a little help, but Will only controlled the crosshairs and aimed. Rosie did the rest by herself.

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8eivD4mEsGU (/ embed)

After a few failures, Rosie still managed to get three kills, an impressive feat since Warzone is worryingly poorly optimized for dogs. She even manages to do it without looking at the screen, a talent that Warzone players don't actually have.

Rosie may not be the best Warzone player in the world, but she is definitely the cutest. Who is a good girl? Rosie!