The rumors of a new map for Call of Duty: Warzone have been around for almost as long as the Battle Royale itself. A new leak promises a new mode and a new map: Verdansk should end with a bang.

Call of Duty: Warzone

With each new season there are also new leaks for Call of Duty: Warzone. One topic that keeps coming up is a new map. Although there is already a new location with Rebirth Island, the island is much smaller than Verdansk. According to the leaks, there are two conclusive variants for a new map. On the one hand, Verdansk could be redesigned on a large scale, on the other hand it could be a completely new map. In both cases, an atomic bomb is said to be the reason for the new battlefield.

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Leak about the new "Plague" mode

The leaker Zesty published via Twitter Audio files of a new modefound in Warzone's files. This already correctly predicted the outbreak event. You will receive the rewards of this event until March 11th. The files are voice lines that can be heard over the radio in Warzone. If you use the English voice output, you will recognize the speakers immediately.

With just a few examples, you can get a picture of what kind of mode it could be. The following radio messages can be heard, among others:

  • "This is the final hour – Avoid the plague"
  • "Verdansk is lost – bring it to an end"
  • "Verdansk is overrun – all teams to evacuate immediately"
  • "Don't become a zombie – For Verdansk"
  • "Extraction failed – atomic bomb approaching Verdansk – you are on your own, soldier"

So this new mode seems to be about a plague in Verdansk. Players can get through the plague become zombies. The radio messages suggest that it was definite contaminated areas there and one evacuation can be tried. If this fails, it is obvious an atom bomb approaching Verdansk.

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Olaf Fries03/01/2021

Event or game mode?

In the "Plague" mode, it could be both a standalone game mode act or a scripted eventhow it was used to reveal Black Ops Cold War. Further evidence of a zombie plague that is to be solved with an atom bomb, found Zesty in the game files as well. It's a contract where players can get a “nuke” killstreak.

It remains exciting to see what will actually happen in Warzone in the next few weeks. When there are numerous leaks, the March 11 as a date. Something special is supposed to happen in Verdansk on this day, possibly the Zesty leak described exactly that.