In a tweet, Activision hinted at a crossover between action legend John Rambo and Call of Duty: Warzone. Sylvester Stallone’s movie hero fits into the 80s scenario of the new Verdansk.

Call of Duty: Warzone

Whether Marvel heroes or Star Wars characters, Fortnite is actually more known for bringing famous characters from film and pop culture into play. According to a less subtle tweet, such crossovers could soon also be part of Call of Duty: Warzone.

Hero of the 80s

Sylvester Stallones John Rambo is one of the most famous action heroes of the 80s. With the start of Season 3, Call of Duty: Warzone and the Map Verdansk were also brought into this decade. Thematically, the famous lone fighter fits perfectly into the game.

Under the #WarzoneReport players can have a short report on their performance in the game made on Twitter. The official CoD account posted such a report of its own accord and the information is pretty clear.

The name „SURVIVORJOHN“ contains of course the first name of John Rambo and also describes what he is, namely a survivor. The five matches played with the five victories without a single death, of course, stand for that five films the Rambo series, which he survived and also triumphed in the end. Seven hours of gameplay stand roughly for the Total running time of the films of about 470 minutes. That is 7.8 hours, however, rounding up would have made more sense here.

Of course someone also has the kills of John Rambo counted in all films and came up with the sum of 552. Interestingly, only one of these kills comes from the first film, but 254 from Rambo IV.

If that’s not enough: The Twitter account recently followed 15 people with the name Trautmann. Col. Sam Trautmann is a kind of mentor and father figure for John Rambo in the first three films.

It is believed that Rambo will find its way into the game as an Operator or at least as a Skin. However, this should not give players a special bonus to fighting with the knife. A another tweet indicates a crossover with more action heroes like the Terminator, Chuck Norris or the A-Team.