Two weeks ago, the Ban hammer was swung in CoD: Warzone and Infinity Ward was not idle during this time. In the meantime, over 70,000 accounts have been thrown out of the game for cheating.

Infinity Ward announced via Twitter that 70,000 cheaters from Call of Duty: Warzone have now been banned. It is basically a positive sign that the developers are cracking down on the cheaters.

With 50 million Warzone players, 70,000 is quite a small number. It's hard to say what the proportion of cheaters in Warzone is, but in Reddit players regularly report a big cheater problem. Because Warzone is a Free2Play title, it will not be difficult for cheaters whose account has been banned to simply create a new one.

Infinity Ward has announced that it will continue to work on security updates, but they cannot talk about it in too much detail to avoid playing into the cards of hack makers. The report system should also be revised. Currently, a cheater must first be searched for among the last players in the lobby in the social menu and reported and blocked there. The developers have not yet revealed what these improvements will look like.

Original message from April 1, 2020:

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CoD: Warzone – Activision banishes 50,000 cheaters, community should be able to become active soon

"There is no place for cheats in games. Warzone didn't tolerate cheaters ", it says in the blog post on the well-known Call of Duty problem, which of course did not stop at Warzone.

In one post the publisher reports this in the Activision Game Blog Over 50,000 Call of Duty: Warzone accounts have been removed from the game for cheating. To deal with the situation, Activision explains how they want to expand and improve the existing measures.

Activision sets Security teams that check data around the clock and try to remove cheaters from the game. They check incoming reports for aimbots, wallhacks and other types of in-game fraud. But they still want to make improvements when it comes to reports.

When it comes to improvements to the reporting system, Activision is breaking open doors among the players. There is no direct report button yet and this would certainly help to identify cheaters faster. It is unclear whether it will solve the problem in the end, but it would at least give the players the opportunity to be able to act actively against cheaters.

In the case of Apex Legends, the introduction of a report button has led to great success. In one Reddit Post, developer Respawn describes the introduction of active reporting by players as a major influence in the fight against cheaters. Especially since cheats that were difficult to detect for automatic systems became visible.

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Let's hope that the report button is implemented quickly and leads to the desired success, because there is hardly anything more fun to play than a lobby contaminated by cheaters.