Warzone – New risky mission, more weapon customizations, and new Master Camo

This week's update for CoD: Warzone brings a new order to Verdansk, which could have a very high impact on gameplay. There are also innovations in the adaptation of weapons.

Call of Duty: Warzone

With the next update for Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare, a few interesting innovations will find their way into the game. Above all, the new order for Warzone called "Most Wanted", which promises a rich reward with extremely high risk.

Full risk with the "Most Wanted" order

After the next update there is a new order in Verdansk. If you accept "Most Wanted" you will marked as a target for all players on the map (similar to the bounty orders). If you survive the time until the order expires, all fallen team members get a return. The order should be available in all modes and team sizes, what players receive for the order in solo mode is not yet known.

More ways to customize your weapons

Your creative skills are required for the next innovation. With "Gunsmith Customs" can you do that combine different blueprints of a weapon. You like the run of a blueprint of your M4A1 but want to play it with the sights of another blueprint – no longer a problem. Whether you build the most beautiful weapon in the world or Frankenstein's monster is entirely up to you.

For players who care about the perfect look, there is another little addition. After spending a lot of time unlocking the weapon camos in gold, platinum and damascus, now is the time Obsidian the most prestigious paint job you can miss your weapon.

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"Dream Playlist" for Modern Warfare

Players who get shining eyes at the words “Shipment 24/7” will see themselves as close as never before with the next update of their “dream playlist”. With the playlist "Shoot the Ship" Friends of wild balls can let off steam in the smallest space on the Shipment and Shoot House cards. Because it there is another Double XP event at the weekend, you can gain a lot of experience.

The new order will certainly have the greatest impact on Warzone. What do you think of being able to target yourself to bring your own team back? Interesting comeback mechanics or does it only lead to players trying to be as far away from everyone as possible with helicopters?