For Halloween you can decide which end of the chainsaw you want to be at. For the event in Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare there are skins for weapons and operators that should make you fearful.

Call of Duty: Warzone

There are plenty of matching cosmetic items for the Halloween event in Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare. The website CoDTracker has already found two bundles that thematically take up two horror classics. For one thing, that would be Texas chainsaws massacre (The original 1974 film is called the German Blood Court in Texas) and the Saw series.

With the Leatherface skin and the right one Chainsaw variant of the FINN-LMG, you can plow through the enemy with a lot of firepower. The weapon is not that popular in Warzone, but it gives you a lot of style points. That is better to use MP5 blueprint and if you like it a little coarser, you can do that too "Meat Grinder" swing in close combat. The bundle also contains a chainsaw as a trailer, a horn and other cosmetics

For the second large bundle, Jigsaw to the operator. As weapons blueprints there an assault rifle and a shotgun in a matching look. The melee weapon is a particularly gruesome looking instrument of torture. There are also other cosmetic items.

A Halloween event is quite a rarity for Call of Duty. Normally the new part of the series is always in focus at this time, but since Warzone is related to Black Ops Cold War, this time there is room for such an event.

Unfortunately, the bundles will probably only be available for purchase, free spins will not be possible. It is not yet known when the Halloween event and the bundles will start. It can't be long anymore, since the event should also be offered in a playful way, it will probably take longer than just the Halloween weekend.

Daniel Hartmann
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