Warzone? Players make a terrifying discovery

Is that … children's laughter? In CoD: Warzone? More and more players are reporting paranormal encounters, and I would be a lot more comfortable if the Halloween event in the game had already started. But it doesn't have that yet.

Call of Duty: Warzone

October is here and with it the first ghost stories: Players in CoD: Warzone report bizarre children's laughter, which sounds in the match without warning and then disappears, never to be seen again. And yes, there is a Halloween event in the game – Haunting of Verdansk officially starts on 20th October 2020. No wonder then that players like streaming one too little bit scared are:

Of course: A surprise is always best when it surprises what Activision and Infinity Ward have done with flying colors this time. The only question is, what horror awaits us at the actual event?

CoD Warzone's “Hauting of Verdansk” is coming soon

It's getting dark in Call of Duty: Warzone, dear shooter friends: Die night breaks in from late October as soon as the Haunting of Verdansk haunts Warzone. So imagine that you are playing on a night map for the first time and THEN you hear the children laughing. Sounds good? Then look into the Trailer:

Haunting of Verdansk expires October 20th to November 3rdIn addition to scary surprises, new bundles should also be waiting for you in the store. In the meantime, by the way, is that too 6. Season of Warzone started – we have all the information for you here.

October is sometimes Christmas for horror fans, and since I am exactly that, I'm looking forward to all the horror updates in the games – or surprising horror game releases – or horror series on Netflix! In any case, there is enough pop culture content to dedicate yourself to the evil and bloody until Halloween, no matter which genre of games or films you normally prefer.

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