Warzone – Shocking find, simple opponents are available for money

A Call of Duty: Warzone player recently made a surprising discovery: According to his theory, purchases in the in-game shop lead to less difficult opponents in the popular Battle Royale.

Call of Duty: Warzone

The discovery of a player suggests that the matches in Call of Duty: Warzone will be easier if a player buys something in the shop. According to this player's tests, he became after buying a Battle Pass put in a match with players who were significantly worse than himself. It's just a theory, of course, but a patent from Activision shows that the publisher has at least experimented with such systems.

In a Reddit post, user Rfmx49 explains how he comes to the assumption that a purchase in the shop leads to simple opponents. He collected Data from over 80 matchesHe did half of it before and the other half after buying the Battle Pass. It was noticeable to him that after the purchase he ended up in a lobby with on average significantly worse players than before.

He has the exact dates of the individual matches in one GoogleDoc held. He also holds that that it is not a Pay2Win Machnik, but rather a Pay2NotLoose. He also believes that this is why streamers are often accused of cheating into simple lobbies. In his opinion, content creators buy a lot in the in-game shop so that they can be the first to show their viewers the latest skins and blueprints.

A patent from Activision

Already in 2017 a patent Much discussed by Activision. This patent was a system for matchmaking described which was used to Get gamers into microtransactions. At that time the publisher statedthat it would only be research by an external team and in any Activision game to be found. A system that was supposed to get players to buy something in the shop through matchmaking existed on paper.

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There is no clear evidence for this theoryThe sample is much too small for that. Rfmx49 also knows this and calls on the community to also examine their matches. Although some users on Reddit confirm the statements made by Rfmx49, these are only subjective impressions. It is likely that it will be more YouTubers who will do bigger tests like they did with skill based matchmaking.