It’s official, big changes are coming in Call of Duty: Warzone. The end for Verdansk is near, but what exactly does that mean?

Call of Duty: Warzone

The second season in Call of Duty: Warzone will end in a week and the players are eagerly awaiting the new content. Over the course of the season, the developers have repeatedly indicated major changes, especially the zombies roaming Verdansk suggest something special for the transition to the new season.

“The end is near”

With this short sentence the official Twitter account of Call of Duty announces a special event for April 21, 2021 at. In the short clip you can see the skull that also adorns the machines with which you were able to start the zombie mini-events in the past few weeks.

Apparently there is a bigger one Season 3 transition eventthat should start one day later. This is supported by the naming of a specific time, players can start on April 21st at 21 o’clock expect German time.

Will there be a “Nuke Event”?

The most common theory for the event at the moment is an acute zombie outbreak that can only be stopped by a nuclear strike in Verdansk. Leaks to a “Plague mode” support this idea. The whole thing should take place on the dam in Verdansk. Various content creators have received packages from Activision with tips. In one of the last there was a construction helmet with a gas mask on it and the words “Verdansk Dam”. An enclosed document states the date already mentioned.

It is not known whether this event will completely destroy Verdansk and whether there will be a completely new map or just redesigned the old one. A commercial clip leak made some players believe it would be the 80s for Verdansk. You will probably not find out what exactly is the truth of this until April 21st.

Until then, you can still dive into the old content. There’s even another one for that Double-XP-Event. From April 16-19, 2021 there is double experience for rank, weapons and Battle Pass. PlayStation players are even allowed to start a day earlier.