Surprise! Another skin in Call of Duty: Warzone brings its wearer an enormous advantage and it is even bigger than the previous one.

Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone has been facing a few serious issues lately, which the community has been complaining about on a regular basis. This time it's not about a weapon skin that does more damage, the return of various glitches, or the impact of microtransactions on matchmaking. It's about a skin for an operator that causes a problem similar to Roze's.

There's good news too, as Cold War's Zombie Mode gets a new map:

Playing hide and seek in Verdansk

As a reminder: The aforementioned skin by Roze had the advantage due to its extremely dark design that players with this skin were very difficult to see in poorly lit corners and against dark backgrounds. Operator Grinch goes one better with its “Forest Spirit” skin. This skin makes it partially completely invisible. Incidentally, the bundle with the skin costs 1,800 CP (a good 18 euros).

The joke is, the skin only makes you invisible at certain distances. YouTuber Scop3s_ found out what distances are involved:

(embed) (/ embed)

Without aiming, players become from 34 meters Distance invisible, the skin player can aim over the rear sight and rear sight from 55 meters disappear. There is a little specialty with riflescopes with a zoom factor. In the case of players from 125 meters the head and the gun can no longer be seen.

Also on Reddit the skin is discussed and there are players who suspect that such "Pay2Win" skins intentionally offered so that as many players as possible buy the corresponding bundle. There is no evidence to support these allegations.

Since the integration of Cold War into Warzone, the problems of this kind have been increasing. Only the omnipresent hackers overshadow the glitches and unfair skins.