Warzone tournament canceled – Activision and professionals argue

In fact, 100 Thieves wanted to organize a Call of Duty: Warzone tournament for a good cause, but Activision canceled it. The outcry is great, but apparently not completely justified.

Actuallyh, the e-sports organization 100 Thieves wanted a Thursday of several weeks today Start Call of Duty: Warzone tournament. But this does not take place, because as 100 Thieves explained in a tweet Activision denied them permission to do so. Sounds like the publisher doesn't want to support the BalckLivesMatter campaign.

The reactions were quick, "the bad publisher doesn't want to support a tournament for a good cause". However, we learn from e-sports insider Slasher that 100 Thieves broke off the negotiations with Activision, so they wanted the tournament to take place without the sponsor cash app. However, 100 Thieves refused. In fact, should 100 Thieves announced the tournament without even talking to Activision beforehand.

According to Slasher, 100 Thieves used the Twitter messages to to pull the public on their side. Nevertheless, Activision is not exactly clear about the rules for sponsors at tournaments.

Has in the past Activision tournaments usually allowed by third parties and sometimes even advertised. Among them were Nickmerk's Gauntlet Tournament, KEEMSTAR's Warzone Wednesday and some BudLight events.


Apparently The tournament of 100 Thieves therefore only failed due to the sponsor cash app, a circumstance that the organization initially did not raise. However, it is not clear why Activision declined the sponsor. It is understandable that 100 Thieves were not happy about it, because even if it was a charity tournament, organization and implementation must be financed.

100 Thieves CEO Nadeshot also spoke up and said Activision did not want them to monetize the tournament. According to Nadeshot, that would not have happened the organization would not have earned a penny from it.

Activision's cancellation is rather incomprehensible, but 100 Thieves communication shows an intention. In the end there remains an unusual tournament that should have served a good cause. There may have been other issues behind the scenes.

Nadeshot and 100 Thieves are now looking for a different publisher and game for the Gamers for Equality tournament.