Call of Duty: Warzone is plagued by glitches that were actually a thing of the past. Players use these to gain a clear advantage and make Warzone a frustrating gaming experience.

Call of Duty: Warzone

In Call of Duty: Warzone there are regular bugs and glitches that completely unbalance the game. Unless a skin for a weapon that is far too powerful increases its damage by a third, it is glitches with which many players gain an advantage and completely ruin Warzones for others.

The stim glitch

The Stim-Glitch is celebrating a very unpleasant return. Whoever uses this glitch has one unlimited number of tactical equipmentwhich results in players being able to hide in the gas until the end of the match as they never run out of healing. Honest players succeed more often in eliminating the cheats, but many are deprived of the victory they deserve.

The problem is reaching the glitch user rather than turning them off. Of course, this is not surprising, if these players were good they wouldn't have to cheat to win. There are currently countless posts about the stim glitch on the Warzone Reddit. In this one the player gets what he deserves:

The invisibility glitch

Players using this glitch need to know which key to shoot at. Another glitch prevents players from appearing on other people's screens so they are practically invisible. Twitter user Zombo shows in a clip how this glitch ruins the game.

Of course, nothing can be seen in this clip except the hit marker when the player tries to hit the invisible. On the other hand, fraudsters can be heard very well, unfortunately that's not enough to defend yourself successfully.

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A recurring problem

Both glitches have been a problem for players in Warzone in the past. The community is frustrated that they have to grapple with yet another plague in addition to the many cheaters and bot lobby users.