Our story is about rough soldiers from Call of Duty: Warzone, who resolved their hostility to a higher goal and found something unexpected in the depths of bunker – love.

Call of Duty: Warzone

The soldiers in Call of Duty: Warzone were supposed to be bitter enemies, and usually none of them hesitate to pull the trigger. But it is currently happening in Warzone, that in bunker 11 more when the threat from nuclear warheads waits, a treasure beckons to those who dare a lot.

A soldier named hani_yassine tells his faces in the Reddit, the place on the Internet where lies and truth, as well as love and hate are closest (with the exception of 4chan). He was alone on the lookout for prey, so he was taken to Bunker 11 again, where he met another soldier who was inexperienced and didn't know how to get inside the bunker.

The two of them should have started to attack each other, but in an intimate moment of deep understanding that can only exist between soldiers, they decided against it. They confirmed their agreement with the universal gesture of their guild, the so-called "Teabag".

Their hustle and bustle did not go unnoticed and after a short time other seekers found themselves in bunker 11 and shared the treasure with each other in a friendly manner. They put down all their weapons, went to a corner and the rest are not intended for children's eyes.

A video gives you the pictures of this story of trust and friendship:

A story like from a film, the title of which would probably really be called "Brokeback Bunker 11". Warzone is not designed for such cooperation, but as you can see, the players have it in their own hands.

Admittedly, this representation of events may have been somewhat romanticized, but why shouldn't there be room for the really big emotions in Warzone?