After the zombies is before the zombies and somehow also during the zombies. Call of Duty: Warzone is struck by an invasion of the undead. This confirms many leaks and the destruction of Verdansk is becoming more and more likely.

Call of Duty: Warzone

At the beginning of Season 2 of Call of Duty: Warzone, a freighter from Rebirth Island runs aground on the Verdansk coast. On board the ship, the zombies came on the map and now they are spreading. The outbreak mode that began at the start of Season 2 is now over, but the zombies remain.

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Zombies are spreading

In many leaks the March 11, 2021 as the start of big changes called in Verdansk. The zombies always play a role. Dataminers found a Plague mode in which Verdansk is contaminated by zombies and a possible end the destruction of Verdansk by an atomic bomb is.

Since yesterday, March 11th, the zombies are no longer found in the shipwreck, but in prison from Verdansk. As in the ship, there is also a machine here that when activated a mission starts. Overall need in the area 40 zombies are killedto get the key card for a gold chest.

As seen in the tweet, the Verdansk's contamination level was five percent specified. This value was already on the machine in the shipwreck, so it has not increased. The machine with which the zombies are called can no longer be found in the ship.

What's next?

One possibility would be that the zombies continue to spread and gradually infest the whole map. This could culminate in an event at the end of the season that could also mean the destruction of the map.

However, this would mean that normal play on the map is no longer possible at some point if more and more zombie hotspots are added. It's unlikely that the developers will force the zombies on players. With the last update, the zombie hotspot moved from the ship to the prison and the contamination level remained at five percent. So it is conceivable that the hotspot only moves over the map. On Highlight with an event at the end of the season it would still be possible.

An older leak speaks for this. The zombie machines were found by a bug in other places in Verdansk.

So what will happen to Verdansk in the end is not yet certain. The end of Season 2 is with a regular term around April 22, 2021. In the past, the developers always took their time when introducing major changes and worked a lot with small hints and Easter eggs.