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The release of the Wastelanders update could force some players to move their camp. Because the NPCs claim territory where some of you may already have settled.

The extensive Wastelanders update for the online role-playing game will be released on April 14th Fallout 76. This is how NPCs find their way into the game. But this has a small disadvantage.

NPCs need space

The new factions that settle in Appalachia naturally need space for their settlements. But what if players have already set up camp at some of the locations? The NPCs have priority because their positions are determined by the story. This means that some players have to move. But this does not cost bottle caps. According to the current status, there will be no compensation. So if you have a camp at a certain point in the game world and find that after the update to Wastelanders NPCs now live there, then you have to find a new place to build your camp.

Wastelanders from Fallout 76 (buy now) can really make the game that it should have been at the end of 2018, we will find out on April 14th.

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Bethesda wants to sell you the remaining time until the release of the extensive Wastelanders update for Fallout 76. For this purpose, the launch trailer is already available, which we of course do not want to withhold from you. In it you can expect a mix of gameplay scenes and cutscenes underlaid with peppy music, which introduces you to some of the most important innovations. One of the major highlights of the Wasterlanders update is probably the introduction of NPCs, which is accompanied by a suitable dialog system. There will also be so-called allies who are in your C.A.M.P. settle down and provide you with quests. After a brief postponement due to the global corona crisis, the update will appear on April 14, 2020 for all platforms. Fallout 76: Steam version free, if you already have the game for the PC (1) "src ="

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