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The Wastelanders update for the online game Fallout 76 appears a little later. Due to the Corona crisis, developers at Bethesda are now working from home, which is delaying the release of the update.

Actually, the wastelanders update for the online game would have Fallout 76 to appear on April 7th. But now there is a delay due to the Corona crisis.

The NPCs have to wait

To ensure the safety of employees, they are currently working on Fallout 76 in the home office (buy now). However, this affects the way of working and brings with it the delay in the Wastelanders update.

Bethesda explains: "Circumstances have resulted in us not being able to perform the final tests for Wastelanders to the extent we planned to ensure release on April 7th. For this reason, we will be Wastelanders a week later, So release on April 14. We can't wait until everyone can play it! Special thanks to all players on the private test server for their help. "

The support continues to work as usual. So nothing will change in Fallout 76’s live operations. Bethesda thanks for the understanding that the company currently has from the fans for this decision. The players have no problem waiting longer for the release of the Wastelanders update.

Source: Bethesda

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