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Watch Dogs 2 was free during the Ubi Forward livestream. However, server problems caused frustration among the fans. Ubisoft has now responded and set up a website where you can still get Watch Dogs 2 free after the stream.

The rush of fans who Get Watch Dogs 2 for free wanted to bring the Ubisoft server to its knees during the Ubi Forward livestream. If you wanted to secure the open world game for free via Twitch or Uplay, you only saw a loading screen with bad luck on Sunday, July 12th, 2020.

Get Watch Dogs 2 for free: how it works

Ubisoft reacted quickly, however, and already explained during the live stream on Twitter (via PCGamer), fans will be given all the rewards, even if they were unable to log in during the show. That means: you get Watch Dogs 2 (buy now) even if you had no way to get the key during the stream.

In order to receive Watch Dogs 2 free of charge, you simply have to register with your Ubisoft account on the associated website log in. Don't be surprised if it takes a moment for the login to be successfully completed. Due to the high volume of traffic, the page may load somewhat more slowly than usual.

Watch Dogs 2 will automatically go to your Uplay library after registration via the website. If the game does not appear in your client right away, just be patient – a little bit – according to Ubisoft, the rewards including the in-game bonuses should end up in your account from July 13, 2020.

By the way: If you want to enjoy the full pack of Watch Dogs, you can get the Season Pass from Watch Dogs 2 at a significantly reduced price in the Uplay Sale for 8.00 euros (instead of 39.99 euros). This will allow you to pass the time until Watch Dogs: Legion appears on October 29, 2020.

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