If you were looking forward to playing the multiplayer part of Ubisoft's open world game Watch Dogs Legion in a few days, then you need a little more patience. The studio said they would have to move the mode again.

Ubisoft still needs more time for the multiplayer part

The message from the developer says that in the PC version of Watch Dogs Legion (buy now € 32.86 ) a problem has been discovered which can cause the game to crash on some graphics cards. The team is about to find a solution. But until then, the multiplayer part will be postponed – indefinitely. This problem only occurs in the PC version, but there is also a shift in the consoles. Here, however, the development team can name a new date for the start.

A crash can occur in tactical ops mode. However, this is probably not as big a bug as in the PC version, because Ubisoft has to start the multiplayer part of Watch Dogs Legion on PS4 / PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S as well as Google Stadia. " only "postponed to March 23rd. There is also a minor problem with the text chat in the version for Playstation, which will only be available to a limited extent at launch.

So it will take even longer before you can jump into the multiplayer part of the open-world game Watch Dogs Legion. PC gamers in particular need patience, as Ubisoft cannot even name a new date here. The team hopes for understanding from the players and declares that they want to offer the best possible multiplayer gaming experience, which is why they now want to address these issues before the start.

Source: Twitter

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