Ubisoft releases the Watch Dogs Legion Update 3.2 as a download. The new patch prepares the hacking action on PS4 / PS5 and Xbox One / Xbox Series X for the start of online mode. Ubisoft has already announced a specific time for activation: The multiplayer component will go live around 4 p.m. German time. The launch is initially only planned for consoles and Stadia; of the Release on PC and Amazon Luna delayed yourself. With the new update, the developers Watch Dogs Legion are preparing for the online part. Depending on the platform, a download of between 2.3 and 19 gigabytes is required.

In the forum for Watch Dogs Legion (buy now € 32.86 ) the developers share the patch notes – and go into the individual changes and innovations in Update 3.2. "The update also contains bug fixes for the single player campaign and general game improvements," write the makers. This includes, among other things, a correction for missing masks, which players recently reported. The masks should appear in players' dressing rooms after the patch is downloaded.

Especially on PS5, the developers are fixing a problem whereby individual buildings were temporarily invisible in the open game world. On Xbox Series X / S, after the 3.2 update, the game should no longer crash when browsing through the individual categories in the in-game shop. All other changes in the new patch can be found in the Forum from Ubisoft. Details on the Watch Dogs Legion multiplayer mode we keep ready in a separate article. For example, online mode starts without Tactical Op because the developers still have to fix a problem that can lead to a game crash. On PS4 and PlayStation 5, online mode starts with a limited in-game chat. Solutions for both points are promised for March 23rd.

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