Watch out, GTA 5 could soon be free in the Epic Games Store

A secret, free game haunted the ranks of the Epic Games Store, and a tweet suggests that it is indeed GTA 5.

The last time all over one secret offer in the Epic Games Store have spoken, it was about six Batman gamesthat could be downloaded for free for a while. Epic Games is no slouch when it comes to its gifts to players; but GTA 5? On the Home of the shop you’re currently seeing a “mystery game” that will be revealed in a few hours and will be available for free.

Now several users want to Reddit as well as an advertisement for Twitter GTA 5 have seen this free in the Epic Games Store is offered. It looks pretty real:

The original Twitter post was deleted, welcome to the rumor mill.

However, GTA 5 in the free Epic surprise bag would not be unrealistic. For one thing, as we all know, the game is already six years old; and I would assume that most interested players have bought it by now. We'll see, right?

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If all of this isn't just a damn well-made fake, you can get GTA 5 today 5 p.m. in the Epic Games Store free download for PC. The offer is supposed to May 21 be valid. As another Reddit post notes, something strange is going on with The Witcher 3: Game of the Year Edition in the Epic Games Store: As of this writing, the game page is currently unavailable. So – would that be a contender for the secret, free game? Maybe both! Oh.