of André Linken
Warner Bros. Pictures gives you a closer look at the new film adaptation of Mortal Kombat even before the official (theatrical) start. For this purpose, a video is now available that presents the first seven minutes of the film in uncut form. Of course we don’t want to withhold that from you.

Thanks to the video you get a little taste of the atmosphere of the film and also get to see some of the characters. The action in the opening sequence takes place around a remote Asian house in which a small family lives peacefully. But the idyll does not last very long when suddenly a mysterious man appears who apparently has power over ice and frost.

Mortal Kombat connoisseur (buy now 26,99 € ) know immediately that this is Bi-Han alias Sub-Zero, who is embodied in the film by actor Joe Taslim (The Raid, Star Trek Beyond). In the course of the video there is a clash with Hanzo Hasashin alias Scorpion (Hiroyuki Sanada) and both fighters flash their skills known from the fighting game episodes. In any case, the fight scenes show that the remake of Mortal Kombat is anything but squeamish.

The remake of Mortal Kombat was directed by Simon McQuaid, who previously made a name for himself with “The Night-time Economy”. In addition to the actors mentioned above, Jessica McNamee as Sony Blade, Josh Lawson as Kano and Tadanobu Asano as Lord Raiden are also part of the party. The cinema premiere in the USA is planned for April 23, 2021. In Germany, the film is due to hit cinemas on May 6th, but this seems almost impossible due to the ongoing corona pandemic. In some other countries, Mortal Kombat has been on view for a few weeks.

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