We are giving away the standard edition three times!

from Paula Sprödefeld
We're raffling off three standard editions of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 among all participants. You get the chance to dust off the game absolutely free of charge and then take to the skies! All you have to do is answer a simple question, which you will find below in the text. We wish good luck to all participants.

One of the greatest human desires is to fly. Unfortunately it is not that easy (or cheap) to get a pilot's license. But you don't even need it for Microsoft Flight Simulator! This offers you the flight experience from your home gaming chair or sofa. And since we don't want to withhold this from you, we're giving away three standard editions of the flight simulation for the PC to three lucky winners.

What's in there anyway?

In the standard edition, you can expect over 37,000 airports, two million cities and over a billion buildings. There are also realistic ones

We're giving away three standard editions of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Answer the question and you're in the lottery!

We're giving away three standard editions of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Answer the question and you're in the lottery!

Source: PC Games

Live air traffic and real weather conditions to which you should adapt your flight maneuvers. Regardless of whether it is storming, snowing, the sun is shining or a tornado is wreaking havoc on your route, you have to be ready to react at all times. The Microsoft Flight Simulator is particularly convincing with its wealth of detail. The graphics are really breathtaking and not only the surroundings and the world look fantastic, the 20 planes available to you also look great. But the developers really made an effort. 30 of the airports included have even been meticulously recreated by hand and are therefore particularly realistic! You can find more information about Microsoft Flight Simulator in our preview!

The lottery

But what do you have to do to be able to participate? The requirement is very simple! You answer the question below (hopefully correctly) and land directly in the lottery pot!

What is the name of the studio with Microsoft for the flight simulator (buy now for 69.99 €) work together?

Competition loads …

The competition runs from Saturday, August 22nd, 2020, 10 a.m. to Sunday, August 30th, 2020, 11:59 p.m.. During this period you can participate by answering the question. At the end of the participation period we will randomly draw the three winners and contact them via the email addresses provided. All further information can be found in the general competition terms and conditions.

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