We are streaming on Twitch before release!

from Paula Brittle Field
Ghost of Tsushima is on your maybe list? We help you with the decision! On Thursday from 2 p.m. we will stream the latest PS4 adventure on our Twitch channel Electric Boogaloo! Then you can see for yourself whether you want to roam the role of Jin Sakai through the open world game! Tester Chris also answers some questions about the game!

Ghost of Tsushima is a class game that I will play through several times just because of the pretty world and the fun gameplay.
This quote comes directly from Chris in his Ghost of Tsushima test. The samurai adventure has thrilled our editorial curmudgeon so much that he even comes back from the home office to the office to stream Ghost of Tsushima for and with you on our Twitch channel before the release!

At the Thursday, July 16 from 2 p.m. we start our stream you either directly on Twitch or found embedded under this text. Chris (of course all alone on the streaming couch) will slip with you for the role of Samurai Jin Sakai. You can then write him questions in chat – whether it's about the game itself or his experience with it is up to you – and convince yourself of the latest PS4-exclusive title, which will appear for Sony's console a day later.

Twitch stream and chat

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