We don't fight alone: ​​games that connect people

We live in interesting Times. Our lives are currently changing drastically and this state will not change in the foreseeable future: If we go into company, we wear masks and many of us work from home. In these times, taking care of one another means paradoxically distancing oneself. We are slowly but surely getting used to it, but somehow, despite the warning app and quarantine easing, the human interaction is missing. Of course, as a player you have a huge advantage in this situation: You can meet your friends online and save the world or even help completely unknown people. Games can connect and create short, intense friendships even across language barriers. That's why we're not introducing the best multiplayer games here, but the best games that connect people.

On the one hand, our focus is on game mechanics that support helpful interaction. On the other hand, we take a long look at the community of the game in question – because a strong base is extremely important for a good cooperative experience. In conclusion, all games on this list must create a feeling that can best be described as "Together Against the World". Cooperative relaxation games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons are also balm for the soul. However, we want to forge iron bonds of the community and this is difficult with a fishing trip followed by a picnic.


<img src = "https://www.pcgames.de/screenshots/960x/2020/07/Journey_01-pc-games.jpg" alt = "Journey, even after a long time, is still a masterpiece of interpersonal emotions Be nice to your companion, because he depends on you.
& nbsp;”/>

Journey, even after a long time, is still a masterpiece of interpersonal emotions. Be nice to your companion, because he depends on you.

Source: PC Games

Sometimes after a hard day you just want to relax a little with a short game. Journey is well suited for this because a game is quite short with one to one and a half hours. On the way, you solve simple puzzles and complete light platform games, garnished with a splash of adventure. Dramatic backdrops and a sad, worn soundtrack complete the adventure package. However, all this is just a decorative accessory, because the title from Thatgamecompany's house deserves its title as one of the best games of all time in a different way: Journey understands human emotions and interpersonal communication on such a basic level that even the hardest CS: GO has tears in his eyes when the credits flicker across the screen. The trick to Journey is that you and another player are exploring a beautiful world that has gone through a cataclysm that wiped out almost all life on the planet. Those who stay close to their partner jump higher and fly further, so that the journey to the distant mountain peak no longer seems quite as impossible. The story is conveyed to the player solely through the environment and images.

Journey is a game that tells a story through the movement of the player – be it his own journey or the encouraging bounces and bells that your teammate makes when you are stuck. The moment your partner disappears, you feel slightly panicked. The moment he appears behind the next dune, you feel a relief wash through you that bears no relation to the simple graphics. Journey holds up the mirror to you and understands in a unique way how to touch personal feelings and memories through his flow of play and cooperation with a silent partner. If tears suddenly run down your face in the middle of the game, rest assured, because you are not alone. At the end of your odyssey you will be given the nametags of all players who accompanied you on your journey. Send them a friendly message, they will thank you!

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Deep Rock Galactic

<img src = "https://www.pcgames.de/screenshots/960x/2020/07/Deep_Rock_Galactic_01-pc-games.jpg" alt = "Beer, picks, cannons and gold: Deep Rock Galactic can be a tough shooter – but moments of wonder and camaraderie are more common.
& nbsp;”/>

Beer, pickaxes, cannons and gold: Deep Rock Galactic can be a tough shooter – but more often are moments of wonder and camaraderie.

Source: PC Games

In the surprise hit from Coffee Stain Publishing, the player slips into the skin of a dwarf miner. However, instead of digging Mithril in the depths of Moria with your ax on your back, you put on your servo armor and load your minigun with high-speed bullets – Planet Hoxxes IV not only houses a lot of precious morkites, but also a whole zoo of hungry aliens, the want you to the beard. Deep Rock Galactic is essentially a cooperative shooter. The game doesn't have much to do with genre greats like Left 4 Dead or Borderlands 3. The game does not want to entertain its players with hectic long-term action or with the hunt for the next item. Instead, the team sets out from four dwarfs to mine valuable minerals in a voxel-based and completely deformable underground landscape. Long periods of concentrated silence alternate with the dramatic defense of an alien swarm. The ore veins are often located in inaccessible places, so that the dwarves' special abilities are used: the digger digs tunnels with his huge rock drills, the shooter has a cable car cannon and the engineer distributes platforms for the scout – who in turn has a grappling hook and a flare Cannon. Did we mention that the tunnels under Hoxxes IV are in total darkness?

Due to its procedural generation and the methodical search for treasures, Deep Rock Galactic doesn't look as much like a standard shooter, but more like an adventure. A gigantic cavern full of gold can wait around every corner, and every dark tunnel can hide a deadly Praetorian. The character of the dwarfs ensures that every mining operation becomes a festival: The boys have already seen and experienced everything, but are happy about every ore vein at the push of a button and stick together like bad luck and sulfur. This sense of adventure and community is practically one-to-one for the Deep Rock Galactic community. Helpfulness, cohesion and an after-work beer in the space station are good manners among the dwarf players. We strongly recommend Deep Rock Galactic to anyone who wants to enjoy relaxed expeditions in a fraternal atmosphere.

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Monster Hunter World

<img src = "https://www.pcgames.de/screenshots/960x/2020/07/Monster_Hunter_World_01-pc-games.jpg" alt = "For a feeling of togetherness there is nothing better than a heavy monster in one Defeat a twenty minute boss fight in a team of like-minded people.
& nbsp; (1)”/>

There is nothing better for a feeling of togetherness than defeating a heavy monster in a 20-minute boss fight in a team of like-minded people.

Source: PC Games

We mentioned at the beginning that a feeling of "together against the world" is important to us. And Monster Hunter World hits exactly that notch. As a normal person, the player faces almost overwhelming monsters. There are no increasing physical attributes, no magic and no chosen ones – your only tool is the equipment that you literally cut from the ribs of your enemies. Killing a seven-ton lindworm with three other fearless hunters is an uplifting feeling every time. The whole thing is supported by the biomes of the game, whose practical design practically represents a character in itself. Lava flows cause heat to build up in the armor, mud has to be waded through with difficulty and various plants and mushrooms are used to construct medicinal potions and ammunition. Monster Hunter World takes the player back to the Stone Age, when Neanderthals teamed up to fight giant creatures to feed on and clothe themselves in their skins – only that the Neanderthals carried three-meter swords and heavy machine guns in this case . After the end of a long hunt, hunters can raise a sociable beer together or prove themselves in arm wrestling.

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Fallout 76

<img src = "https://www.pcgames.de/screenshots/960x/2020/07/Fallout_76_01-pc-games.png" alt = "As a new player in Fallout 76 you will rarely suffer from hunger. In an emergency you can rely on the open doors and solid defenses of foreign player camps.
& nbsp;”/>

As a new player, you will rarely go hungry in Fallout 76. In an emergency, you can rely on the open doors and solid defenses of other players' camps.

Source: PC Games

To call the start of Fallout 76 mixed would be a massive understatement: thermonuclear bugs and devastating reviews catapulted the game to the sidelines. While most players left the survival sandbox disappointed, a hard core of fans formed who didn't want to give up the game. Over time, a community grew around this core that is unique in this way in an open-world survival game: horror stories of anti-social behavior in Rust or deliberately cobbled PvE servers in Ark are commonplace in this genre. Therefore, it is all the more admirable that the Fallout 76 community simply refused to engage in unwanted PVP or harass new players. "Player killers" were hunted until they learned their lesson – at least until the game was split into worlds of adventure and survival. However, the survival worlds focused on PvP received so little encouragement that Bethesda stopped the test run. Fallout 76 is the only large survival sandbox that has been conquered almost exclusively by PvE players; And so sustainably that the developers had to do it themselves.

Today, the community of Fallout 76 is one of the most pleasant environments for interested newcomers. Those who join an event as a low-level character are often equipped with ammunition, weapons and armor. Entire player camps are constructed as equipment, medical and decontamination stations that offer tired travelers the necessary rest. If you move through the Appalachian Mountains and visit one player house after the other, the locked doors that you encounter count once. We can guarantee that there won't be many. As disastrous as Fallout 76's launch was, its community proves that civilization doesn't have to go under, at least after a virtual nuclear war.

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Which games do you remember particularly well because of the great community? Let us know in the comments!

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