Fallout fans can be happy, because on April 7th, the time has come: Fallout 76 finally lives up to its name and brings human NPCs and a reputation system into play with the expansion of Wastelanders. Until then, players still have plenty of time to prepare themselves and their base for the arrival of the peaceful settlers and unscrupulous raiders. To do it the right way, of course, you don't have to set up tables and schedules – Fallout 76 is more of a cruise than a life-threatening safari when it comes to open-world survival games. But even if you can relax very well in the Appalachian wasteland, there are some tips and tricks that can make your stay a little more stress-free and fluid. We therefore divide your journey towards the maximum level fifty into different, all very strong character builds, which we also provide with a suitable flair. Friends of high-caliber precision rifles will be just as happy with our guide as ax-wielding barbarians. It becomes really interesting when we attribute the distribution of attributes when we include the new Wastelanders dialog system in the planning, because depending on the distribution of your S.P.E.C.I.A.L.attributes, other quest paths are open to you.

You still have various options for temporarily increasing your attributes later on, but it pays to specialize in a particular type of conflict resolution: Extremely charismatic wasteland have the best cards, but with a little muscle gain your conversation partners can be intimidated, for example while you argue your poor conversation partner with a high level of intelligence simply and poignantly on the wall. The most interesting are the conversation options that result from a high level of happiness: From a blocked rifle barrel to slipping bandits, your luck frees you from so many dramatic situations. And even if you have underground values ​​in several attributes, this can work to your advantage – Wastelanders does Fallout 76 (buy now) finally a classic role-playing game like Fallout 3 did in 2008. As the icing on the cake, we will give you a few more important tips for building your own camp, including the best places to not only dust off a beautiful view, but also a lot of resources. Important: Many new players refuse to create a character at this time so that they don't miss any of the dialog options when released. We can give the all-clear, because there will be two questlines: first, the main story of Fallout 76, in which only a few conversation options are added, which can also be accessed later, and second, the story of Wastelanders, which you only get with the appearance of the expansion can play. So what are you waiting for, plunge into your adventure in the Appalachian Mountains and prepare for the arrival of the NPCs! Despite all rumors, you can also have a lot of fun in West Virginia at the current state.

<img src = "https://www.pcgames.de/screenshots/1020x/2020/03/Camp_01-pc-games.png" alt = "The construction of your camp is a science in itself. If you invest a little time, receives an impregnable home fortress, however.
& nbsp;”/>

The construction of your camp is a science in itself. If you invest a little time, you will get an impregnable home fortress.

Source: PC Games

Survival in the wasteland

For beginners, we briefly summarize a few basic things so that you can fully enter the wasteland. Fallout 76 is basically similar to online survival sandboxes such as Ark, Rust or Atlas, only that you spend significantly more time here with the traditional fight against PVE monsters. Anyone who expects an extensive and relentless PVP landscape will be disappointed. The Appalachian Mountains are and will continue to be a construction and quest environment, because the community still shows not the slightest interest in the fight player against player – moreover you can activate a passive mode and from this point on you can still quest undisturbed. The second big difference to conventional survival simulators is the intake of food and water. Instead of starving to death and dying of thirst, you only get a drop in your action points and disease resistance. In other words, if you want, you can get along indefinitely without food and water. As the last and most important feature, you don't drop your entire inventory when you die on screen. However, you will lose your scrap, which hurts (scrap is used for practically all construction plans), but does not represent a broken leg. Conquered items, ammunition and all other important items in your inventory are completely safe. Fallout 76 is the perfect choice for gamers who like to play solo or with friends in PVE and who want to build without time pressure or the risk of unwanted PVP.

Fallout 76: Wastelanders – official trailer reveals release date

In addition to your character and its survival, your camp represents the second major construction site. Instead of deciding on a location and building your permanent camp there, for better or worse, you can break off your tents at any time and set up again at another location – even if your "tent" consists of a five-story high bunker with an attached grain and milk farm. We even reveal a few tricks that can be used to construct your own base so that it can be packed in a few simple steps and pulled up elsewhere. If you land on a server on which your building site is already occupied, you simply jump until you can set up your camp without any problems – all of this happens automatically on request. Given the fact that you can build almost anywhere, such overlaps rarely happen.

The independent melee barbarian

  • Your attribute distribution: S: 15, P: 7, E. 12, C: 4, I: 3, A: 7, L: 8

Our first character is primarily designed for one thing: a high degree of independence. You do not need power armor and are therefore independent of fusion cores. You won't shoot either, so you don't have to worry about ammunition. And if you take a few mutations with you, even stimpacks are not a big issue for you. All you need is food and water – which, with the correct mutations, you can also practically grab in passing and put in your mouth without cooking them. The practical thing about a character whose strength value has been maximized is, in addition to his absolutely monstrous melee damage, also a carrying capacity that is most comparable to that of a flatbed truck. This means that extensive exploratory trips into the wasteland can be made without the barbarian having to return to his base every five minutes. Due to his respectable endurance and his innumerable resilience, such as "refractor", "evasive" and "punch and stab", the barbarian shakes off strong hits effortlessly. With the first rank of all the "thug" abilities, the barbarian plows through his enemies and ignores the armor of his victims thanks to the "Like Butter" talent. If you get close to radioactive radiation or eat contaminated food, you will heal it during the day so quickly thanks to "Spoiled by the Sun" that you can stroll around undisturbed even in active nuclear reactors. When it comes to interacting with the Wastelanders NPCs, you will not be a particularly nice figure, because you are not very charismatic – the only charisma skill we choose is "Lone Wanderer" that gives you massive bonuses if you are not in a group. Instead, you will mainly struggle through your strength and happiness. So prepare yourself to intimidate your counterpart regularly. In terms of background, the barbarian fits the raiders perfectly, but also cuts a good figure with the settlers. There is nothing better than putting the oh so evil looter who is facing you with a silent look away. Important: You will not become a big crafter with this build, i.e. you will use the weapons that you can find in the world. You can therefore use your scrap alone for your camp and the repair of your equipment.

<img src = "https://www.pcgames.de/screenshots/1020x/2020/03/Unabhaengiger_Barbar_01-pc-games.JPG" alt = "The independent barbarian hardly needs any equipment, food or shelter. On top of that, two-handed melee weapons are in Fallout 76 extremely strong.
& nbsp;”/>

The independent barbarian hardly needs any equipment, food or shelter. On top of that, two-handed melee weapons in Fallout 76 are extremely powerful.

Source: PC Games

The mutations that are important for the barbarian are so numerous that it is best to simply stand next to a radioactive barrel and collect everything that is possible. "Class freak drastically reduces the mutation disadvantages while the advantages remain untouched," Strengthened genes "ensures that you can decide when you want to mutate and which mutations you want to keep. Optimally, you will then have the following mutations:" Bird bones "Make sure you can jump off a cliff and not hurt yourself." Carnivore "lets you eat meat without getting sick and doubles the nutritional benefits you get." Charged "lets you distribute electric shocks in close combat, while" grounding "gives you one massive resistance to energy weapons. "Healing factor" allows you to heal quickly after a fight, "marsupial" increases your jumping height drastically and "scale skin" gives you another boost of damage resistance. "Raser" lets you run faster and gives the mutation "muscle tightening" a massive surge of damage in melee combat, and then you're practically e in superhero who can jump higher, run faster and strike harder than his teammates – not to mention your ability to regenerate. So swing your ax, drive your enemies in front of you and enjoy the shouting of their Brahmin. Have fun!

The armored scientist

  • Your attribute distribution: S: 9, P: 7, E. 5, C: 4, I: 15, A: 5, L: 11

Some players would like to do everything at once and look like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, who wears armor made of welded SUVs. With our armored scientist, we have the perfect build for those of you who like to swing big weapons and clever speeches alike. The tank scientist uses as much power armor as he can grab and kills his enemies with weapons that are so heavy that a super mutant will break them. In true style we specialize with the scientist on heavy energy weapons, but in case of doubt you can also use heavy machine guns and other weapons – the main thing is that they look like they are normally mounted on an attack helicopter. As a user of power armor, it is easier to repair your luxury tank with "Powerflicker" while it wears out more slowly, while you can use "repair genius" to bring it to two hundred percent of its durability; there is nothing more disturbing than armor that breaks in the middle of a fight. "Batteries contain" weighs ammunition and, above all, your fusion cores weigh ninety percent less, while "power users" last twice as long. This is especially great because the dreaded Gatling laser uses fusion cores instead of energy cells. Last but not least, "Stabilized" gives you massively increased precision and an armor penetration of almost fifty percent if you use heavy weapons in your power armor. By "loading" you change the magazine of your heavy weapons faster, while "Kugelschild" ensures that the scientist gets increased damage resistance when firing his heavy weapon.

<img src = "https://www.pcgames.de/screenshots/1020x/2020/03/Gepanzerter_W Wissenschaftler_01-pc-games.JPG" alt = "With the armored scientist, the Vault resident can use and maintain his excellent power armor held in place.
& nbsp;”/>

With the armored scientist, the Vault resident can afford to use and maintain his well-maintained power armor.

Source: PC Games

The scientist uses his "ammunition smith" to produce almost twice as much ammunition with the same amount of materials at his workbench. This will no longer bring you fusion cores, but your other guns will thank you – hardly any type of weapon uses as much ammunition as heavy weapons. Since the armored scientist is made for armaments and weapons for use in high-level radiation zones (power armor protects against radiation), he does more "damage" to glowing enemies with a "luminous view". If you are wondering why we took "Fireproof" with us: The fire beasts' sound attacks, which are practically the dragons of Fallout 76, are considered explosions and therefore fall under this talent. Under the attribute of luck, the scientist also uses the skills "repair shot" and "repair hit". These practical little features give you a chance to almost completely repair your weapon or armor in the event of an attack or a hit. In particular, "repair shot" ensures that you have to use a screwdriver only once every jubilee when your heavy weapons fire.

The scientist does not need mutations, because his power armor can be tuned in such a way that it brings most of the advantages: A jetpack replaces the mutation "marsupial", for example, while you can fall as far as you want in the armor anyway, without to hurt you, so no "bird bones" needed. However, the scientist is by no means as independent as the barbarian, because he needs a well-equipped home base to keep his equipment in good condition and his cartridge belt well filled. With a little preparation, however, the raging intellectual can effortlessly roll over any obstacle, including the legendary three-star boss. With regard to the conversation options from Wastelanders, you have a lot of choices: Due to your enormous intelligence, you can easily argue every conversation partner against the wall, while your luck is also very high. Whoever carries heavy weapons through the area every day also builds a lot of muscles: You can get rough with your solid strength value, should the situation require it. Bonus: If you want to make your own items later, after level fifty choose all three levels of the talents "Power Smith", "Scientist" and "Weaponsmith". The "Portable Power" talent is also nice because it reduces the weight of your power armor (carried in your inventory) by up to 75 percent. However, since you hardly ever leave your armor as a scientist, you don't have to carry it with you in your inventory. We hope you enjoy destroying looters with the power of your intelligence (and Gatling laser cannons).

The invisible sniper

  • Your attribute distribution: S: 3, P: 15, E. 8, C: 4, I: 3, A: 15, L: 8

If you don't want to fight your enemies in close combat or pound around in heavy armor, you can use our invisible sniper. As a lone wolf without power armor, but with a sharp precision rifle, you sneak up on your enemies and take them out with precise attacks. With the help of the talents "sniper" and "long shot" you give your rifles an exemplary stability if you aim at your opponent via a telescopic sight and increase your range by a whopping thirty percent. This means that the sniper can practically shoot across the mountain range in the middle of West Virginia once – in nine out of ten cases, your enemies do not know what is happening and you can take them out one by one. Even hard targets like robots or death claws are not a problem, because with "tank killer" you ignore part of the enemy armor and also have a chance to stagger the enemy. The sniper is being attacked by a super mutant in close combat? Then he unpacks his semi-automatic combat rifle, fires as fast as he can and watches his enemy helplessly stumble through the area. Three ranks in "sneaking" ensure that situations of this kind are rare and with the talent "escape" the sniper can even run around the next corner in the middle of a fight and disappear again. "Covert operations" almost tripled the damage caused by remote sneak attacks and "Sandman" caused all silenced weapons to do another 50 percent more damage at night. If all of your plans fail, the sniper with the "Action Boy" and "Marathon Runner" skills has the option of leaving the danger zone behind in a heartbeat so that his opponents only see a cloud of dust – at least until the sniper has a minute later returns in full camouflage and with a loaded rifle. The "Blocker" and "Bash and stab resistance" provide the shooter with much-needed protection against melee attacks, thereby mitigating one of his few weak points.

<img src = "https://www.pcgames.de/screenshots/1020x/2020/03/Unsichtbaren_Scharfschuetze_01-pc-games.JPG" alt = "If you want to play one of the most powerful builds in the entire wasteland, destroy your enemies unseen and untouched, by sniper rifle.
& nbsp;”/>

If you want to play one of the most powerful builds in the entire wasteland, destroy your enemies unseen and untouched with a sniper rifle.

Source: PC Games

The invisible sniper becomes a murderous danger if one prepares him for the most important mutations with the talents "class freak" and "strengthened genes": "bird bones" and "marsupial" take you to the most impossible viewpoints from which you can see your enemies turns off easily while you get to safety with "Raser" and reload faster. The talent "Chameleon" is really nasty, which makes the sniper completely invisible in combat when he is not wearing armor – or puts on a tank with the legendary characteristic "lightweight". It doesn't count as armor for the mutation. Also get "eagle eyes", which increase your critical damage by twenty-five percent, while your "healing factor" ensures quick wound healing after a fight. In this regard, also remember that you can "escape" at any time!

Attentive readers will notice that the invisible sniper sounds almost a little unfair. Of course that is absolutely correct. There is hardly a build that is as easy to play and as absurdly powerful in the endgame as a stealth sniper. Should the sniper even get a legendary railgun, it is not uncommon for fire beasts to be blown out of the sky within seconds. In order to prepare well for the endgame, the shooter needs a solid basis, which, however, is not nearly as extensive as that of the scientist: his weapons have an excellent damage-to-ammunition calculation, because with a single bullet you switch in the Rule out everyone except the strongest enemies. Anyone who produces a few hundred shots on his workbench every now and then is well equipped in the long run. However, the sniper is not a particularly social type, because roaming alone and alone through the Appalachian Mountains makes him look a little cranky: the shooter conducts his conversations either through sheer luck or his razor-sharp grasp. However, if there is a fight afterwards, you as a sniper are perfectly prepared for trouble.

  • Your attribute distribution: S: 3, P: 1, E. 13, C: 15, I: 13, A: 6, L: 5

All builds mentioned so far include the "Lone Wanderer" ability, which gives big bonuses when the character is not in a group. Our charming doctor whistles on the lonely Wolf scam and fully relies on the support of his teammates. Just look for a small group that regularly closes public events on the map and you will quickly make a lot of friends with this talent distribution. Even the most difficult endgame activity so far, the raid in Vault 94, suddenly becomes considerably easier when the doctor joins the raid group. The doctor copes with his own struggles with all kinds of energy weapons as long as they are handy and use conventional energy cells – the charming surgeon, on the other hand, spurns heavy weapons like the Gatling laser. With all three ranks of the "scientist" talent, the doctor can not only build and modify his own weapons, they are also cheaper to manufacture and last twice as long.

The charming doctor not only enchants his interlocutors but also, thanks to his enormous healing abilities, his team members.

The charming doctor not only enchants his interlocutors but also, thanks to his enormous healing abilities, his team members.

Source: PC Games

The complete story

One of the interesting features of the upcoming expansion is the fact that the NPCs will react differently to low-level characters than to your high-level main character. So if you want to take all the conversation options with you, just create a small second character after the appearance of Wastelanders and play through the story again – preferably with another faction.

Another feature is the preview of all possible conversation options: Even if your character is, for example, an absolute zero in terms of charisma, the conversation option for charisma is shown with a gray background. If you want to remedy this, simply resort to legendary armor and chems. The armor parts can fall with all possible bonus attributes, so that in case of doubt you simply collect the right parts and then have up to six points more in the attribute of your choice. You simply increase the rest of the values ​​with drugs, because there is a chem for every attribute and every opportunity. Resourceful badlands are already stocking up a dozen Mentats, Buffout, six sheets of Daytripper, Calmex, a bottle of Fury, a liter of Psycho, X-Cell and a salt shaker full of Daddy-O's. Not that you need all of this for your tour. But once you set out to do a serious drug collection, you tend to get extreme.
"Containing batteries" also means that he can drag so many energy cells with him that he can shoot until the world goes down a second time. Two other intelligence skills are the foundations on which the character is based: With "First Aid" the doctor heals fifty percent more life energy with his stimpacks, while with "Chemist" he receives twice as much when manufacturing chems. Now it gets interesting, because with its maximized charisma you use your medication optimally. With a "field surgeon" your stimpacks and RadAways work much faster, while with a "team medic" you automatically heal your team members with full effectiveness when using a stimpack! "Plague Protection" automatically removes an illness from your companion when a disease is cured, "Paramedic" ensures that revived players receive health regeneration and "Quack" enables you to revive players yourself with alcohol. When it comes to endurance, the doctor doesn't do things by halves, because with "Chem-Fanatic" all the drugs taken work twice as long. The charming medic doesn't have to worry because he will never become addicted to "drug resistance". Last but not least, chems with "feed flash resistance" and "hydro-chems" cause neither hunger nor thirst. If the doctor gets into a difficult situation, he will automatically take one of his stim packs from the age of forty thanks to the "Born Survivor" talent, which weighs ninety percent less thanks to his "first aid kit". And if his healing hands are not enough, he throws a grenade from his inventory with the nasty little talent "" Who laughs last "" when he dies – perfect to clear the path of revival for his friends.

In general, the charming doctor is also suitable for one or the other solo excursion, because due to his absolutely murderous ability to heal, there is not much that could permanently switch him off. However, he develops his full competence in a group that plows through the wasteland like an unstoppable express train. The doctor's camp should contain a lot of plants and one or the other cultivated field so that he can produce his chems in sufficient numbers. The interactions with the Wastelanders NPCs are child's play, because the charm bolt trumps with its maximized charisma and its gigantic intelligence. The combination of both attributes should convince even the most stubborn raider of your superiority.

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